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Features I want to see in the next game [OTHER]

Battlefield 2 - Features I want to see in the next game [OTHER]

With more focus on this sub since the announcement of BFVs death, I think now is a good time to put out a post like this one.

  • a properly functioning live service

like the 1 that was promised before BFVs launch that we never got. Similar to what we got with BF4s extended life support where we had a community map, night maps, a new remaster of an old map, etc all for free over an extended period of time. What made that system work was that it kept BF4 fresh when there was nothing new. Every update brought something new and updates were quite frequent.

  • customization

I think there needs to be limits in some places and more freedom in others, for example providing we have a class system that mixes BF1/ V with the BF3/ 4 classes making for Assault, Engineer, Medic, Support, and Recon. I think that each class should have 1 constant that is unique to their class, for example Assault would have a grenadier belt, Engineer should always have a rocket launcher on his back, Medic should always have an AED unit on his side visible and various medical supplies, support should always have bullets around his neck, and recon should be the only class with face paint and should have various devices on his side/ back for performing reconnaissance, beyond those constants you should be allowed to individually change everything from race and gender to gloves, plate carriers, tac vests, whether your sleeves are rolled up or not, etc.the constants for each class would allow for unique class sillohetteds that allow 1 to know at first glance what class someone is playing. Also a side note; customization should make sense for the specitic faction.

  • Weapon Skill

So I've had this idea since BFV was in beta. I've talked about it before, but essentially the idea is this: after a double mastery of a weapon (1000 kills) that said weapon should have a specialization you can select. Some examples of specializations would be reload training, which reduces reload time and swaps out the slower less precise reloads for faster more precise reloads. Another example might be quick aim which allows you to ADS faster, and another might be allowing you to swap to your side arm faster. Each weapon would be different a d benefit different from each specialization, what may work on one gun might not work on another.

  • proper detailed attachment system

People always point to BF4 as the template DICE needs to look at, and that template is great and all, but if you ask me MW2019 currently holds the bar for weapon customization and attachments and is what DICE should be looking at, each weapon in MW felt personal and that's something DICE should try and replicate.

  • Game Modes

Frontlines, Rush, Breakthrough, and Conquest imo are essential game modes and should not be restricted to temporary playlists, people enjoy these modes and people want to play them. I dont think many people play Battlefield for TDM or domiation and I don't think anyone would miss them if they were gone, but people would miss game modes like Frontlines, Rush, Breakthtrough, and Conquest, those should be the main game modes and focus of whatever the next game is. If you ask me they are the best game modes DICE have ever created that feel like original ideas rather than trying to knock off game modes from other games.

Also I always wondered what a TDM like game mode would play like if it was the same size as a normal Conquest map with vehicles and all, but with no objectives either than kill. I've always wondered if that would be a game mode people would enjoy.

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