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Firestorm Zone Info: Does the Fire Wall instantly kill you? (Hint: no) | Danger Zones, Public Events & Supply Drop Chances | Maximum Round Length

Battlefield 4 - Firestorm Zone Info: Does the Fire Wall instantly kill you? (Hint: no) | Danger Zones, Public Events & Supply Drop Chances | Maximum Round Length

Hey guys,

just got a bunch of numbers about the whole fire wall zone experience in Battlefield Firestorm. The best way of communicating this data is probably a walkthrough for a typical round with its various sequences. So here we go:

After the last player got kicked out of the plane (exactly mentioned in the code so don't expect to get back home if you don't jump) an internal timer starts ticking down from 60 to 0.

Than the typical Battle Royale sequence where the zone is either stable or shrinking will be activated. Don't worry, you are still in Zone 01 which is 3.5 minutes stable. Enough time to get a first look around and maybe scavenge some loot.

Now the zone starts shrinking and the fire wall will begin to crush everything it devours. It takes 3 minutes to reach the next stable state – that is Zone 02. The procedure repeats itself over and over till everything collapses in Zone 12 but it's fair to say that everything after Zone 07 is just a matter of a few seconds till the end of round.

The zone movement therefore limits a game to approximately 20 minutes. Not surprising is the fact that in Firestorm a draw is a possible end result. E.g. do you take your chance as the remaining survivor of your team vs. a fully upgraded four player enemy squad with a Panzer IV or are you gonna kill everyone (including yourself) with your V1 rocket and happily take the draw? 😉

Zone Size (unknown unit of measurement)

Zone 01: 1225

Zone 02: 750

Zone 03: 450

Zone 04: 250

Zone 05: 125

Zone 06: 62.5

Zone 07: 31.25

Zone 08: 18.125

Zone 09-12: 0.5

Zone Stable Time (in seconds)

01: 210

02: 105

03: 90

04: 90

05: 60

06: 60

07: 30

08-12: 1

Zone Shrink Time (in seconds)

01: 180

02: 120

03: 90

04: 60

05: 30

06: 20

07: 10

08: 1

09: 1

10: 1

11: 1

How much damage does the fire wall inflict?

I've heard and read a lot about the fire wall being an instant kill for you. While the leaked video footage and other trailers may imply that I've found a contrasting and detailed damage process (similar to other BR games) in the game files:

Zone: Damage Amount (probably measured in Hitpoints)

01: 1


02: 2

03: 4

04: 5

05: 10

06: 15

07: 20

08: 25

09: 15 (don't know why this one is lower)

10: 20

11: 25

12: 25

As you can see you will be frequently suffer a hitpoint loss as long as you're not in the safe area. This isn't very tragic in Zone 01 but can of course really hurt in the later zones. Unfortunately I've no interval data that could clarify how long you're able to withstand the firestorm.

Vehicles, Public Events and Supply Drops

Top open a vehicle breakout takes time. If you're solo you have to wait 13.5 seconds, duo and squad mode require 27 seconds to get it open. Public events are flags you can capture. Each flag has a capture time of 30 (solo), 60 (duo) and 120 (squad) seconds. Their number gets reduced during the game (Zone 1-3 has three flags, 4-6 only two and 7-8 just one).

Probably a good way to get some better loot are supply drops (basically crates). Here are some details about the amount and spawn chances in all zones:

Zone: Number of Crates and Drop Chance

01: 3 crates with 75% drop chance

02-04: 2 crates with 75% drop chance

05-06: 1 crate with 75% drop chance

07-08: 1 crate with 25% drop chance

09-12: no crates

Danger Zones

If you're familiar with the red zones from PUBG you know what's coming now. Throughout the game there will be random (?) spawns of areas called "Danger Zones". They're inflicted by artillery strikes which last in Zone 1 to 6 between 30 and 40 seconds and probably deal a lot of damage. Duration and impact radius get reduced in later zones.

Random notes

  • Firestorm reinforcement supply drops are connected to a visual flare animation and effect ("flare red vapor smoke") – so expect enemies to see your endeavours in contrast to the somewhat stealthy approach in multiplayer where you just get your binoculars out…
  • You'll get special hit indicators (e.g. telling you if the enemy is wearing some armor or not)
  • Dedicated camo items, dedicated assignments and daily assignments for this game mode (as expected and already seen)

Have a good day!

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