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First personal impressions after 7hrs of BFV

Battlefield 4 - First personal impressions after 7hrs of BFV

As the title suggests I played bfv like a mad man yesterday (western Europe here) and I want to share my experience so far. I feel like they did a nice thing about jumping the gun and releasing it one day earlier that announced (for premier access). I was super hyped about today, but yesterday caught me super off guard and I somehow felt like i wasn't stressed about it. Something like when you say you jump at 3 but someone pushes you at 2. You are actually focusing at the actual experience and not at the expectation of it.

I have played the game in beta a lot. I have played bf1 too.

When I jumped in the beta, I felt I didn't really like it for some reasons. Changes in the way you revive (press E instead of swapping your syringe and click the mouse button). Didn't know if I should hold, or tap only, which added to disconfort and uncertainty. Also I was not seeing my targets. I felt blind. I found myself spamming q like insanely trying to get a target to shoot at. Also I did not know how to heal. I didn't know I had to pack ammo and I found myself empty handed left only with a pistol in a super isolated position. Also revive times felt like taking for ever.

I remember though after playing it (the beta) for a couple hours I accommodated good and I changed my playstyle quite a bit. And it worked. And I loved it. I decided to buy the game then and I trusted the very good time I had in V. The beta was unfortunately over fast and although it had quite a few bugs, going back to BF1 was a nightmare. Back to spamming the q, back to getting shot from the other side of the map because people see a mark on you and they shoot at it.

Yesterday the V came and I was still hyped. But I forgot how the game felt in the beta. Truly. I entered the game. And I felt again something was wrong. But now I knew how to revive, how to heal, to pack extra ammo and stick to my squad. I suppose the fact you have to actually see the person you want to kill and not just spam q and shoot at the mark makes the difference. I felt like…I maybe over hyped it and it may not actually be that good that I used to remember from the beta. But once again, after one hour I managed to accommodate. To set my sensitivity, keybinds visuals, everything so I felt comfortable and I could just let myself dip in the experience and not get distracted.

It is good. It is really good.

I played all the maps. My favorite is Twisted Steel. Especially the swamp under the bridge.

I main Medic. I love the fact that the 3d spotting is out. That means more tactical choices. Flanking feels so damn good. You can kill an enemy without getting pinged on the map and instantly being hunted down by 20 lads.

Smoke is extremely useful. I equipped both smokes (the hand grenade and the weapon launched smoke) and I use them frequently. I have a friend I played with and the communication was more important than ever. You could actually coordinate and play it smart and win situations because of this. I can't stress enough how good it feels no not be spotted by enemies.

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The hud is clean.

The maps rotation on the server is nice.

The respawn times have been reworked so now it's worth waiting down hopefully someone will pick you up and not waste a ticket. If you bleedout though, you can respawn immediately after (if you held onto your life).

The respawn screen is different from bf1. You get to spectate on your team members first and not get up there to see the map overview. You can scroll through your living squad mates and decide on which one to spawn. You can also choose to go to the deply screen and there you can change your class and choose a different spawn if you like. Such as an objective you control or whatever. This way is so much better from 2 perspectives. One is that the game forces you to play with your squad and it is so important to be able to revive your squad mates even if you're not a medic, and the other is that you can now actually see what is going on where you are planning to spawn instead of going in blind and finding yourself pinned by 3 tanks in a house.

The gameplay is balanced. I never felt like a game was lost already. Everything can be won back. In bf1 often a match was already lost by the half of it. Only once it happen yesterday to feel like we were crushing the opponent but they were really bad.

Everyone is useful. Every class is useful. It was so nice to see people spam medical pouches and ammo pouches to teammates. It feels like a team. The community is nice. No salt in chat. Not once. They were helping each other with tips and FPS stats and PC configurations and settings and all that. It felt nice.

The bazooka and c4 are available from level 1. I was afraid of the spam and the cluster fu*k it was in bf4. No such thing.

The servers are stable and player base is solid already. 1min wait time in default conquest matchmaking.

Also I find it nice they added different sensitivities from airplanes to tanks and stationary weapons. I love I don't have to change my mouse dpi myself.

I like the way planes don't explode instantly when touching the ground. Sure if you crash you crash. If you just shave (sometimes maybe even a little bit more aggressive) the bounce back and don't explode like cars touched by tanks in GTA3.

I haven't piloted enough planes but so far I like it. But it is more difficult to fight air-ground due to the lack of spotting. Which is more enjoyable when playing the ground cuz you don't get fu*ked by planes that often anymore. Actually only sometimes you find yourself engaged by planes. There are not so many bombings anymore. Maybe people haven't unlocked bomber planes yet. But it just feels better not to be spammed by the fu*king Ilya Muromets.

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There are still some bugs. Revive stopped working for everyone on 2 servers, after a point. It simply didn't work for anyone on the server. But people were not salty and just coped with it. I've noticed twice the bug where dead bodies are hanging in the air, with the bottom up. Reviving animation sometimes puts players bodies through other objects (walls, rocks etc). It works fine though, it is only a matter of animation.

What I didn't like so far is the women voices. Don't get me wrong…I don't mind having women on the battlefield but I didn't like their voices and cries. I simply solved that by changing the character. I felt I didn't like the voice my character had. Had no problem with other players around me. The voice my character had was incredibly annoying and I just swapped to a man. I haven't tried yet other female characters. I suppose voices differ from character to character so no big deal. I didn't like it but I easily changed it.

I don't like that you have to quit a game to change your setup and customize weapons. I coped with it but I unlocked some stuff in game and I had to just quit in order to equip the smoke grenade for instance.

I haven't found the platoon settings yet in the game.

I don't like the lack of being able to drag a bleeding ally to safely revive him in cover. I believe it is going to be a very welcome addition when it will finally come in the game.

I am more than glad to see your opinions and questions in the comments. I am sure I unintentionally skipped some things..but I tried to make it as complete as I remember.


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