Battlefield 5

Fixed issues in 4.6 patch (source: trello)

Battlefield 8 - Fixed issues in 4.6 patch (source: trello)

Patch 4.6 – Fixed issues – Date 20th September – Source:

  • Increased pings for all players
  • Firestorm – Problems with looting dead bodies
  • Main menu – players unable to use the mouse while an input device (Like a gamepad) is connected
  • Players can end up in a man-down state, while they are actually alive
  • Arras – Curtains in the Window frames have invisible collision that stops bullets
  • Devastation – Players can get stuck inside the piles of wood, inside the church
  • Player can fall under the map near the Minerva Docks in Firestorm
  • S2-200 Proficiency VI Criteria is incorrect
  • AP mines not detonating in Combined Arms
  • Invisible fires due to an issue with the flare gun
  • Players are unexpectedly vaulting on the street curb in Rotterdam
  • The M1907 SF has different ammunition limit on the practice range then in MP
  • Aerodrome – Added out of combat area on top of the airplane hangar
  • Devastation – Breakthrough – Fixed an issue that would hinder the Squad Reinforcement vehicles spawning
  • Repair request icons now show with a wrench icon instead of a tanker icon.
  • Players using the “Request Ride” command now show with a vehicle icon instead of a tanker icon.
  • Fixed an issue where friendly spawn beacon world icons would not be occluded through walls
  • Marita – Frontlines – Fixed an issue that would cause some players to spawn in the middle of the air, causing them some damage when landing
  • Fixed an issue where enemy spawn beacon world icons would not be occluded through walls
  • Devastation – Fixed an issue that would cause a flickering graphical issue inside the church
  • Fixed an issue where barging through double doors would not be possible when aiming exactly between both doors
  • The soldiers swimming state is now properly triggered if the players falls down into water from a large height
  • Fixed the position of the repair tools flame VFX
  • Fixed a rare bug that would make some vehicles suddenly disappear
  • Smoke VFX used to identify friendly or enemy artillery barrage now uses custom color settings to help with colorblindness
  • The Tank weapons and abilites HUD is now properly shown without the player needing to use them or changing seats
  • Firestorm revives won't be interrupted anymore when not directly looking at the soldier. Also a syringe won't be consumed anymore when for whatever reason the revive is not possible. (not on trello)

I condensed all Trello cards with the label "Fixed in the next Update" into this list.

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