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Battlefield 3 - Forget Battlefield 6, JUST RERELEASE BAD COMPANY 2 IF YOU CAN'T MAKE BAD COMPANY 3!!

I still remember watching the trailers for Bad Company 2 and I couldn't actually believe the level of destruction shown in the videos. As someone who's main FPS was Halo and Cod, destroying walls and creating creators seemed like it was way too good to be true. Up to this point, I didn't touch a single Battlefield game.

Then the Bad Company 2 demo came out for consoles, and I became a believer. I got hooked instantly and I played absolutely nothing but the demo every single day until they put down the server. I spent hours upon hours gazing the beautiful graphics, testing the engine to see how deep I can make a crater, doing ridiculous things like packing an ATV with C4 and driving it to the enemy spawn on Port Valdez resulting in quad kill and a tank kill from detonation. Sniping was absolutely surreal, and I was actually glad that prone wasn't available in the game. This experience for me was completely unheard of, and I just could not see how someone can go back to CoD (at the time, it was Black Ops) after playing Bad Company 2.

The game finally came out, and I bought it on release date. I was absolutely relieved that the demo not only reflected the true nature of the game, but that the game itself was even 10x better. I put over 1000 hours into the game and I can spend days talking about all the crazy moments I've had, but alas here we are in 2021 and unfortunately the population is nowhere near what it was 11 years ago.

What did we get since? A couple of Battlefield games set in a variety of settings and locations….. but still no Bad Company 3. What is the excuse from DICE?


"We don't know what made the game so special, so we can't make a sequel"


Seriously? If it is honestly this hard for such a large company to expand on the success that was the Bad Company series, then why not at least modernize the game and rerelease it? I'm not talking about changing graphics, classes, or any sort of "remaster." The game is great how it is, just update the graphics and frames for the new consoles, and bump up the player count to 64. Some of the maps and modes will need to be altered of course to accommodate more players, but NOTHING else really needs to be changed…. I would gladly rebuy for 60 bucks, because this game is just that good.

In fact, I can think of three maps right off the bat that are perfect as is for 64 players.

In all honesty, if DICE did release a Bad Company 3 which was really just a copy paste of Bad Company 2 with some new maps, weapons, adjusted classes, updated graphics, etc, I would be perfectly fine with this as long as the same engine and sounds are used. Nothing needs to be "remade" or "remastered", we just need a new Bad Company game that takes notes from the previous entries!

How do you all feel about this?

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