Battlefield 5

General Question about Pre-ordering from Vendors

Battlefield 8 - General Question about Pre-ordering from Vendors

I hope this topic gets any attention, because it is something that is more than confusing for some customers and the customer support from EA/DICE/Origin is more than lacking in answering anything.

I am talking about pre-ordering BFV from vendors (I am talking about legal ones! Before anyone comments on this).

The following benefits and problems are present, which I personally tried to get answered on BF´s Twitter, customer support and various Vendor´s customer support:

BF5 standard edition is sold between 40-50€ at legal vendors and thus presents a good way to buy the game for cheap even without being subscribed to origin access or any other service. The Deluxe Edition is sold for 60€ at some vendors. This is clearly a huge benefit for people who are tight on money. But here come the problems. Nearly every key vendor that i visited and even contacted either does not know, or sticks to their plan to give out Keys at the 19/20th of November, which eliminates the Deluxe Edition´s purpose , which is to play pre-release. (Or blocks out the option to play early with origin premiere and co.)


Furthermore , no vendor that i contacted or any EA service could confirm, that the pre-orders from legal vendors provide any kind of pre-order benefit. I have experienced this same problem from other games, whereas pre-ordering through vendors does not give any pre-order benefit.

Furthermore, i mentioned earlier that the Deluxe version is sold for 60€. The problem is, that not a single vendor provides a PC version key, only Keys/codes for PS4 and XB. Is anyone informed as to why? Googling or contacting any vendor did not help at all.

Does anyone have any concrete information regarding this topic OR did anyone try to get in contact with EA/DICE/Origin? Or did anyone get any information from a vendor? I am happy to anyone who clears confusion.


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