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Grand Operations has No Identity

Battlefield 1 - Grand Operations has No Identity

I seriously don't understand what the point of this game mode is. And I use the term game mode loosely.

In Battlefield 1, Operations was very much its own beast. Granted it was an evolution of a sort on Rush rather than an entirely new mode,but between the Behemoth, and the front capture mechanic, it had its charm and had a ton of potential to expand on it.

Fast forward to BFV and the supposed 'Grand Operations' is anything but. It has lost any unique quality outside of some repetitive mission dialogue between maps. Half the time I forget I'm even playing on an operations campaign because it just feels like a random variety server that cycles through all the other game modes.

If I wanted to play conquest, I'd PLAY conquest. If I want breakthrough, I'll play breakthrough.

If Grand Operations is to continue to exist, it desperately needs its own identity and more importantly, it needs its own unique maps, designed specifically to create a feeling of epic scale.

I'd suggest the following changes going forward:

  1. Let us turn off the dialogue/briefing segments preceding the map. In fact, I say remove the voice overs entirely. Some text describing the history of the battle is far more relevant than some terrible German accent droning on.

  2. Either design a new host of maps specifically for Operations, OR, take the existing shared maps and severely change them with an idea toward making them not only more balanced for the mode, but also more interesting and fun. Grand Operations should be the mode to showcase the famous battles of WW2. Imagine a properly designed D Day landing or Battle of the Bulge or a Stalingrad. All with unique objectives and consequences depending on who wins/loses.

  3. Remove ALL conquest mode play from Grand Operations. It has zero place being part of this. Also, since Breakthrough has pretty much cannibalized what Grand Operations is, I recommend going back to the drawing board and coming up with a new mechanic or mode to differentiate the two.

  4. Balance the maps. No more tanks sitting out of bounds farming kills that can't be touched. No more 1st phase wide open no man's land killing fields. And especially no more meaningless victories that have zero impact on the following maps.

Overall, I think the essence of the mode has been completely lost and if DICE wants to continue to push it as a primary game mode, it needs to go back to the drawing board and make it feel unique, immersive and most of all, FUN.

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