Battlefield 5

Guide for all of you struggling with Low Performance, FPS drops, Stutters, etc. (tractor)

Battlefield 5 - Guide for all of you struggling with Low Performance, FPS drops, Stutters, etc. (tractor)

Hello, I've been struggling with poor performance for quite some time. Every subsequent update only worsened situation. After January patch I have lost almost 40% of my fps. March update introduced unbearable stutter. But hey! Don't fret. Here is the solution that worked for me.

Bear in mind that my specs are i5-6600k @ 4.7Ghz, GTX 1080, and 2x8GB DDR4 overclocked to 3200Mhz from 2133Mhz. I don't know if this will help you with your configuration especially if you have AMD cpu or gpu, but it's always worth trying.


  • Make sure you have Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary update). This is big. If you are on 1803 or latest 1809 you need to downgrade.

Those of you who are acquainted with OS installation – you know what to do. For those of you who are not:

  1. Find your ISO (installation disk image) in google using phrase: "windows 10 version 1607 iso". It is completely LEGAL if you have Windows 10 license. This image is all you need. Not a single CD/DVD/BD drive or USB stick is required.
  2. Double click on the ISO file and Windows will automatically mount it. (virtual drive will appear in your Computer section).
  3. Navigate to the virtual drive and run Setup.
  4. Unfortunately when you're downgrading the only option is clean install. That means all of your personal data and files stored on system partition will be lost. If you have multiple partitions (for example C:, D:, E:, etc.) you could backup your files by moving them to another partition – every files stored in non-system partition are safe. (Your system partition is most likely C:, but it's not always the case so be sure to check.)
  5. Follow the steps of installer.
  6. After installation make sure to download your GPU drivers.

This should restore your lost FPS. The amount may vary depending on map and mode you're playing. For me it was was boost of circa 30-60 fps on Conquest from average 80-90 to 120-160. Make sure you have Future Frame Rendering ON in game video options (It introduce a little of input lag but there is a method that can reduce it significantly. I'll show you on the last step of this guide). Also, after going 1607 option to enable DX12 disappear from menu. It's not a problem since most likely you will have better performance with this method using DX11. DX12 work for some games, and some games disable it. I don't know why, but as I said – it's not a problem for me because DX11 is just as good.


  • After restoring my fps I realized that my game's not smooth. Even 160 fps felt stuttery. This is what helped me:

Disable High Precision Event Timer

You will find the option to do this in your UEFI/BIOS menu. Unfortunately I can't show you exactly where to find it because it depends on which motherboard you have installed. If you can't find it just read user manual of your motherboard.


  • The situation: you run and enemy suddenly appears. You aim for head but then… game freeze for a split second and you're dead. Sounds familiar? If you have issue with stutters it's most likely problem with memory management. BFV is quite fussy in that case but there is a software that can help you with this.

Intelligent Standby List Cleaner (link to download) is a lightweight portable software that cleans your memory from redundant stuff when you reach certain threshold.

  1. Run ISLC (it must be active during gameplay).
  2. Click Stop.
  3. Set "The list size is at least:" to 1024
  4. Set "Free memory is lower than:" to half of your installed RAM. For example if you have 16GB RAM, set it to 8000. If you have 8GB set it to 4000, etc.
  5. Click Start and minimize it to tray.

IV. FINAL STEPS (Follow this if you have Nvidia GPU.)

  • Last BFV update introduced a countermeasure to LOD exploit (The one when you could force geforce driver to make all your textures look like solid colors) but sadly it broke few things for normal user. What DICE did was that every time you run BFV, your Nvidia profile resets to default settings for bfv.exe. Some of these options are crucial for smooth gameplay so I'll show you how to fix that.
  1. Make sure you are not running bfv.exe.
  2. Open Nvidia Control Panel
  3. In 3D Settings section select Manage 3D Settings.
  4. Select Program Settings tab.
  5. From list of a programs select Battlefield V (bfv.exe) and if BFV is not present click Add button and locate your bfv.exe file.
  6. From list below, select Maximum pre-rendered frames and set it to 1. That will significantly reduce input lag from FFR option in game. Also if you have 4 core 4 threads CPU like me it helps with bottlenecking. If your CPU has more threads – setting frames to 2 is also a good option as it compromises between low lag and more fluid action.
  7. Select Power management mode and set it to Prefer maximum performance.
  8. Click Apply and close.
  9. Press combination of buttons START(the one with Windows logo) and R to open Run window.
  10. Type " %ProgramData% " without quotation marks and press Enter. (Explorer should open; you could navigate to the folder ProgramData manually, but it's hidden and its destination may vary – in most cases it's C:ProgramData)
  11. Navigate to "Nvidia Corporation" and then open "Drs" folder.
  12. You will find there two files with names "nvdrsdb0.bin" and "nvdrsdb1.bin". Select both of them, right click to open context menu and go to Properties.
  13. In the General tab, in the Attributes section you will find Read-only option. Enable it. Apply.

This will prevent BFV from resetting Nvidia Profile to the default, but remember that for every change in the future you will have to disable Read-only attribute, and then re-enable after applying changes.

I hope this guide will help you guys. Cheers!

PS. tractor

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