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Hello u/PartWelsh I heard that your forwards for the team are faster than the speed of sounds , and they can correct the problem in 1 hour . I have something to forward

Battlefield 3 - Hello u/PartWelsh I heard that your forwards for the team are faster than the speed of sounds , and they can correct the problem in 1 hour . I have something to forward

So can you transmit with the same rapidity this list of bugs , we have most of them since lunch and I hope they correct it too in 1h if they are not busy working in the armory ;

  • – Performance , stutter , Netcode , Frame Rate Drop
  • – the fall under the map
  • – Incomplete Textures
  • – Loading Textures problem , with normal view you see something and when you use scoop you see another thing.
  • – Sometimes you can see the enemies behind a fortification from afar, even if that fortification is already built
  • – Minecraft Trees
  • – Trees and bushes with Bulletproof- Rocks without Bulletproof , how a bullet can penetrate a rock
  • – Invisible solders with the last patch , before the gray solders . i think we had both now
  • – Character models and the wrong distance/height or size calculation , character models looks small and with the poor visibility the game push you to use x3 scoop just to see an enemy far 30m from you
  • – Poor Menu and UI/UX designs that need some love
  • – Assignments who can't be selected or tracked in the game since lunch
  • – Assignments don't update to the next tier automatically.
  • – Assignments who don't have any Tabs to group different weapons or kind of Assignment
  • – new assignments with bad wording
  • – Poor Kill card , at least show spec of enemy or some stats or be good and show where the enemy hit you and damage of every bullet ..
  • – Poor Mini map , don't show crates , people who need heel , ammo and pickup …. (BF4)
  • – No MVP players or best Medic or Support ………. in the end of every round . (BF1)
  • – The menu that appears in the game to invite a friend when you start shooting an enemy
  • – Sometimes unable to join friends server if they are in a full squad .
  • – Enemy can spawn on Enemy you are actively shooting.
  • – Enemy have throwing grenade animation and in the same time can shooting you
  • – Enemy can shot behind a cover and you are able to see only half of his head , is like they have a hole in the cover
  • – Enemy can shot and kill you after you hide behind a cover because he has more than 100 ms in latency and you have between 20 or 30 ms
  • – Melee from the back sometimes fails to do the animation and kill from the 1st time
  • – The sound of head shots that we still hear since lunch without making a kill
  • – Poor Foot steps sometimes you hear everything sometimes you can't hear people behind you
  • – Spawning system , no one start taking a Flag and when you spawn on it you find yourself 100m far from it
  • – The German paratroopers in Airborne
  • – The no continuity between results of days in grand operation , and every day is counted like a standalone round in stats
  • – Push peoples to play big modes and delete their favorite small modes since old BF games (Rush DOM … at least you can add FL and DOM to TDM in the same server and let everyone happy .
  • – Tankers and pilots without their outfit even that we have many part of it in other infantry skins like headset for tanker or the pilot headgear and both of them play only with Sten and the track of this weapon have some problem in the stats .
  • – Some Spec for Planes and Tanks are not working.
  • – Tanks have shaking view even if you are in a flat area without moving .
  • – Tanks Black screen when you Zoom since lunch .
  • – Tanks sometimes keep moving alone .
  • – The gunner seat still bugged and sometimes the gunner can't be shot since lunch.
  • – the last tiger skin bug ( just ask for it in EA help even if you don't complete the challenges )
  • – Supply station Problem , sometimes you start using it and a random teammate explode it . You need to quit the tank to rebuild and he can stoles it .
  • (I Can't talk about planes because i have really a few time with them )
  • – CC gains after the round is buggy and inaccurate since lunch
  • – Deluxe Edition scam , DICE you are AAA company at least you can give an Elite skin and take all your Devil skin .
  • – Only emblems given by DICE show in our guns , Our clan emblems don't show in our guns even after the last patch who include this option .
  • – Battlefield mobile application have BF1 and BF4 stats why not adding BF5 too ?


i know that many Devs will read this post . I want to told you one thing , just give this game and the community some love from your Heart don't take the production of a game like a simple work because Games need love , try playing the game in public not in Dice play test , check the menu check the assignments check the company you will see the problems the bugs the issues that we encounter every day . Think about what will make people happy don't need a feedback just to make a small modification like for example (Tabs in Assignment , this change will save time for me i will play more than looking in 100 assignments to select one ) .

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