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Helpful Battlefield tips

Battlefield 2 - Helpful Battlefield tips

Here are a few tips I learnt that could improve your gameplay and wins.

  1. Spotting as a sniper, spot spot spot. Enemies will stay spotted unless they get behind your line of sight. So keep spotting.

  2. Fu*k nature, that's right. Fu*k the tree's. On some maps those fu*kers block your line of sight on the enemy. Easily destroy tree's with explosives, landmines are also a viable option. The less cover for the enemy to advance the better.

  3. Tanks should always be a top priority, fu*k the meat bags. Those steel boxes of death will change an outcome of a fight faster then a date when you tell them about your my little pony collection.

  4. Recons should always run with a spawn beacon, fu*k those limpits. Your job of recon is to be covert and get behind the enemy and allow you and your team to be a glandular disruption to the enemy. Causing chaos for them to turn their backs on your team will allow them to give em a good back massage.

That's all I got for now feel free to add more.

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