Battlefield 5

Hey guys, does anyone know when the Beta is going to be over?

Battlefield 4 - Hey guys, does anyone know when the Beta is going to be over?

I’m still making my mind up if I’m going to buy this game or not when the full version is released. Just wondering if anyone knows when that will be.

The Beta has a lot of bugs but the worst one is the team balance issue. I know I know — it’s just a Beta and a work in progress and it’s not finished — but it still is frustrating to be on a team of 12 vs 32 enemies. Hopefully this is something they fix when the game is finished because so far in the beta it feels like it’s been practically years we’ve spent dealing with this issue!

I’ve been a BF fan for a long time but this Beta has me a bit on the fence. So far there has been ups and downs in the Beta, but I really hope we get the classic battlefield experience that we all know and love when the game is finally finished and released.

Most of all I can’t wait to play with my friends on our own private servers. I’ve enjoyed that for the previous several BF titles and when this game finally is finished I look forward to spending countless hours doing it again! It’s so fun to set a custom map rotation and ticket count, change the spawn times of vehicles, or make it Hardcore mode. I really can’t wait for the Beta being done and the game to be finished to play with the settings me and my friends want.


When this game is finally finished, I so much really look forward to an immersive WW2 experience that really puts me in the game. The Beta has been okay and all but I hope when the game is finished they listen to our feedback from the Beta and make it feel more like WW2. I can’t wait for epic soldier outfits, guns and sounds that really transport me onto a WW2 battlefield! Maybe they remove the blue color that players mostly agree doesn’t look realistic and that pesky distance haze nobody asked for in the Beta.

I really hope the finished version of this game has more Grand Operation battles. The Beta has been cool and all with the one, but I hope when the game is finished we get to play Grand Ops on DDay, or the Pacific somewhere. Just something iconic and immersive. I feel like the Beta version’s Grand Ops is just glorified conquest or breakthrough so I really hope the developers give us more immersive Grand Ops when they finish this game.

So far the Beta’s version of the Battle Royale mode seems kind of empty. Hopefully when they fully release this game they have a dedicated team that cares about this game mode. A good idea would be to make this game mode free to play. That would drive players who like the wacky cosmetics to spend money on the cosmetic microtransactions to use in the Battle Royale, since a lot of the Beta’s cosmetics have been pretty reminiscent of Fortnite. This would be great for EA because when the game is finished maybe they can use that money to add even more content to this game!

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