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How I would do Commander UAVs in BF6

Battlefield 4 - How I would do Commander UAVs in BF6

Lets hope Dice will bring back Commander mode in BF6, This is how I want the UAVs to function.

First I will be making the assumption that lobbies are 128 or 64v64 and that it is modern era.

To go over the UAVs, the UAVs would be allowed to move around the map but while in transit they only can use counter measures and no other ability. This requires the UAV to do one final sweep before moving on at a slow pace.

How I would change spotting UAV.
The more you spot with the UAV the more XP you get for it unlocking "attachments" you would have two separate UAVs which you can modify for their own use.

Counter measures, Fire Extinguisher (UAV is given more health and can take three AA missiles), IR Flares (Default mod, pops flares when locked recharge is 30 seconds but only withstands 1 AA missile), and ECM (Recharge is 60 seconds and only withstands 1 AA missile).

Targeting system, ground radar (Default mod spot enemy troops in a wide area under your UAV), Soflam (Take manual control of the UAV and designate targets can not target infantry only ground vehicles with a limited range), aerial radar (in a large area spot hostile airborne targets).

Special ability, supply drop (take control of the UAV and mark a drop point for a C-130 air drop this would alert the teammates in the local area, it would drop 2 light transports and a supply crate allowing teammates to switch classes or heal and get ammo, this would have a medium recharge time), mimic barrage (call down a light artillery barrage that would appear to be a barrage called down by squad leaders, this would have a short recharge), overclock systems (this would give the UAV +1 counter measure or if using fire extinguishers +1 health, very long recharge).

How I would change the radar jammer UAV
You only have one that recharges every 40 seconds which also has unlocks like the UAV. the Jammer can only take one missile before it dies this is due to the jammer being more powerful than the radar UAV.


Counter measures, Chaff pods (A preventive counter measure that the commander has to manually deploy the chaff would prevent missiles to lock onto the UAV and other aircraft under it for an extended period at the price for a very long recharge), ECM (default at a long recharge), evasive maneuvers (The commander can order the jammer to move position quickly to another position ignoring the final sweep and going faster to the next position can be used while in mid transit to another location.

Jamming system, radar jammer (default all units under the drone get the radar jammed the further away from the drone the less disturbance on your radar), mimic (all allied units under the drone are shifted and put in random locations around the area under the drone, after a teammate dies the drone continues to mimic their presence until they have respawned), Electronic warfare (all enemy lock on weapons take longer to lock a target and enemy IR devices are required to "charge up" before they can be used such as having thermals be a lower resolution to start off with then improving slowly.

Special ability, Overclock EMP (deploy chaff than your drone explodes disabling radar, increasing lock on time and requires IR to charge up over a wide area, very long recharge), reserve battery (increases the affect of the current equipped jamming system for a short time, medium recharge), system hack (reduces enemy capture speed of point below UAV and increases speed for friendlies, long recharge).

Let me know how you feel about this, let me know if you want me to do the rest of the commander role and how it would effect gameplay!

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