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How should Shotguns be distributed in the next Battlefield title?

Battlefield 6 - How should Shotguns be distributed in the next Battlefield title?

Shotguns are my personal favorite weapon type, these guns are close quarter powerhouses with a potential statistical time to kill of zero. The occurrence of these weapons has been inconsistent in the series. In some titles they would be a far too common sight to see for the series' smaller maps. In other games it would be a surprise to see one at all. A blast of buckshot and an instant kill of enemy is immensely gratifying and conversely frustrating to be on the receiving end of. These weapons have had a tumultuous history of efficiency and availability as nobody wants a game with shotguns running rampant. Each title has taken measures to ensure that and guarantee that there's a place for them in the sandbox.

As all kit weapons Shotguns were available to be utilized any class in Bad Company 2 as well as BF3 and BF4. While it gave every kit the option of a close quarter firearm, shotguns were also in competition with SMGs, carbines and other high rate of fire weapons for use in close quarter engagements. And past those extreme close ranges, you'd find more use out of the prior categories. This limited necessity of the shotguns in more confined maps, but the fact remains that your odds of encountering a shotgun wielder is higher and less predictable than they were in others titles.

BF1's Assault class was the designated recipient of both cqc firearm types, the smgs and shotguns. In claustrophobic environments or in vehicle heavy maps, if there was something that needs killing, this class was best equipped to handle that task. Assuming that they could close the distance. This in addition to visible class insignias and a distinctive stance held by shotgun carriers meant identifying avoiding these weapons was easier than ever. For the Assault class, consideration had to be made on selecting the powerful but limiting shotguns, or the more versatile SMGs. Alternatively slug variants were available as a high risk, high reward, high skill option to extend the classes range of engagement.


Hardline was the second game since 2142 to associate shotguns with the Support role. Hardlines rendition of that class, the Enforcer, was armed with battle rifles and shotguns and could opt for either a mid-to-long range or close range setup. BFV reflected the same philosophy and similarly asigned shotgun exclusivity to the Support kit. With, LMGs, MMGs and Shotguns as available weapon types, this gave the support class the most modular combat potential. Against weapons with faster rates of fire and quicker deploy times, this ensured that Support players had something to utilize against the Assault kits automatic rifles and the Medic kits sub machine guns.

BF2 saw the shotguns as the signature weapons of the Engineer class and the only weapon type they could use until the MP7 arrived with the EU expansion. However as the engineer was the kit best suited to operating vehicles, I'm assuming they were an uncommon encounter by Infantry players. This was the first and last time shotguns were the signature weapon type of a class in a mainline BF title.

As the most recent or popular Battlefield titles I've chosen them to use them as the possible options for the poll, as the names, equipment and roles of the classes changes from game to game.

j9hf3n - How should Shotguns be distributed in the next Battlefield title?

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