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How to Expand, Encourage, & Reward Squad/Team Cooperation in Future Titles [Part. 3]

Battlefield 2 - How to Expand, Encourage, & Reward Squad/Team Cooperation in Future Titles [Part. 3]

This next idea is really stretching the game so maybe it would be better as a separate game mode. Idk.

  • Just realized this would probably work best with proximity chat for friendly soldiers. That would actually be cool for Battlefield in general. Radio sound for squad voices would be pretty immersive as well.

  • Squads can build a satellite or antenna at their spawn base. This allows the squad leader to choose a location with binoculars and put out a request for tank support, sniper cover, help from infantry, another squad, mortar fire, transport, etc.

  • Once the request is sent out, any player not currently in a squad will hear the pre recorded request over their radio. (Radio can be turned off if they dont want to deal with any of it.)

  • Squad leaders will only recieve requests from other squad leaders asking for their entire squad's assistance.

Ex – "This is bravo squad. We request sniper cover at the old barn" "Alpha squad requesting tank cover and escort at east field" or "Charlie requesting some extra firepower from Bravo" will go to a squad leader of Bravo.

  • By default, these messages will only be sent out to players in appropriate classes or vehicles. Snipers only get sniper requests, engineers/support for suppression, medic for an extra medic, tanks only get tank requests, etc. For some basic infantry requests, asault/medic/engineer all recieve the message.

  • The request will be active for 90 seconds after being sent out. Squad leaders can cancel them at any time, unless accepted.

  • After hearing the request, players can pull out the map and see the request listed next to it. It will show the 90 sec countdown, and if highlighted, the location on the map.

  • Players will recieve a decent amount of xp if completing a job.

  • Once a request is accepted, the player is now limited to 3 deaths before the mission is failed. They will now respawn on the squad leader or the squads spawn beacon until the mission is over.

  • Squad leaders will immediately be notified and be able to communicate with the player as soon as the job is accepted.

  • Missions will last a few minutes. Maybe a certain amount of time to get there and then a certain amount to perform task.

  • Squad leads can tweak the request mid mission if needed. Like say the enemy has moved, or pushed them into another location. So a bomber can be redirected to a new building, a tank to another street, or a sniper to cover another hill.

  • Squad leads will get an option to extend request time once time for the job expires. If the squad lead chooses to extend, the player will be notified and can choose to accept. Player gets extra xp if they accept and get a new 3 lives on top of however many they had left.

  • Squad leads have the option to give an extra xp reward after a mission is completed, depending on if they think the player earned it. Giving the reward will be on by default. Players will have to go out of their way to cancel the reward.

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