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How to Expand, Encourage, & Reward Squad/Team Cooperation in Future Titles [Pt. 2]

Battlefield 7 - How to Expand, Encourage, & Reward Squad/Team Cooperation in Future Titles [Pt. 2]

This is slightly off subject from the title. Part 1 covered that and so will 3. This is just a little detour to talk about the pull to cover mechanic and a couple other smaller ideas.



  • I like the health system in BFV so I'm just starting with that as the basic idea. So, you dont have constant regenerating health, you carry one med kit, and squadmates can revive you.

  • After you bleed out on the ground like in BFV and the screen goes black, if you are in a squad, you get an (optional) extra 15 seconds for your medic to revive you. The screen for the player would be black with muffled audio.

  • The black screen will immediately appear if a player is killed by a headshot. They will lie motionless on the floor until revived.

Side note: This next bit isn't really too serious. You can skip below to the PULL TO COVER section.

The screen going black when dying would definitely be the rout to go, and I know most people will hate this, but since I'm dreaming…

I would love it if during the 15 seconds that your screen turns black and you're holding out for the squad medic, there were random hallucinations, memories and stuff popping in an out.

Have some be memories of favorite songs, a view of a room, a car or old swing they remember. Some would be people, dogs, cats, anything. These would all last for different durations and shown in varying clarity. They would be mixed with visual and audio hallucination. Some hallucinations and memories could even be interacted with. In a few you can walk around like in a field, or house, a neverending hallway.


I know it sounds crazy but I would love it. Lol. It would really give the feeling of being pulled back into another world when being revived.


  • Players can pull downed squadmates to cover.

  • When approaching, there is an immediate prompt to "grab." Kinda like how the "Heal" prompt shows up now.

  • This prompt is held for only about 1 second before you can pull the squademate to safety.

  • Release the button and the soldier is immediately dropped.

  • While still holding the "grab" button, the option to press a second button to "revive" would instantly appear.

So, say on PS4, you would run up and hold square for a second to grab your squademate. Now the option to press R1 to "Revive" instantly appears.

Instead of running out into the open and spending about 5 seconds reviving, staying completely stationary, you now run in and one second later, you are on your way back to cover.


  • Basically there is a stamina bar but you never have to stop running.

  • First half of stamina is speed of BFV. Second half is speed of BF3. Once stamina is gone, the player can continue to run at the BF3 speed but they will begin breathing heavily and their weapon accuracy is dropped by 30%.

  • Stamina is recovered by walking or standing for 3 seconds

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