Battlefield 5

I gave MMG-ing a shot

Battlefield 1 - I gave MMG-ing a shot

I have 300+ hours in BFV and never have used an MMG for any length of time. So today I decided to level my MG 42 from 0 to 10. I came away with a few thoughts.

1) It takes effort -but it’s possible- to play aggressively with an MMG.

I played the objective. Capture, defend, attack and repeat. I found myself having to think about cover and places to prop my gun. It’s not easy to run and flop down and get up. It’s much more manageable to utilize a ledge or box so you can stay mobile. I took out quite a few people in CQC just hipfiring that thing. I had to think about who and when to attack because I was easily out flanked and if ever was found, I was made a prime target.

2) I had fun.

It’s different than medic, assault, recon and using the LMGs. It challenges in unexpected ways. I had to slow down and speed up different aspects of my usual medic/assault gameplay. It felt great being able to take on a whole squad head-on because I’d been strategic in my movements. I didn’t have the quickness of the medic, the ruggedness of the assault or the precision of recon. Newness was fun.

3) But I found myself often worried that my random squad mates thought I was an MMG camper.

I know it doesn’t/shouldn’t matter, but I always enjoy positive interactions and teamwork and enjoying an “understanding” with each other while playing, even without mics. It’s on of my favorite things about BF. And as many times as I’ve raged about camping MMGs and heard/listened/read others do it, I sure didn’t want to appear that way. But due to the nature of the weapon, you have to plop down sometimes. And sometimes you run from gunfire into a safer area and start to return fire and you look around and find that you’re the one laying down in the corner of a room/building firing an MG 42 and it hits you: you’re “that guy.” Which leads me to point three.


4) I’ve got a bit more sympathy for my MMG buddies.

You’re not all camping. You’re not all laying down for an entire match in one spot. You’re having to be strategic. You get killed easily if you aren’t careful just like everyone in this game. When I’m killed by one of you and the kill cam shows you laying down behind some sandbags, I’ll now have a different perspective. And maybe if I keep getting killed by you and you’re in the same spot, maybe I’m actually the idiot. I’ll still be pissed at you to be fair though. And really this gets me thinking… who should I be aggravated with?

5) Dice created this class/weapon and designed how it would be utilized.

Even with more understanding, I still feel this MMG camping meta can make for unfun game play. And even though it’s players choosing to utilize these tools in this way, it still falls on Dice to make it better. Or at least RSP to eliminate it altogether when we want to. But Dice implemented it and you can’t expect players who want to kill more than they get killed to not use it. Same goes for the spawn camping tanks. I really hate that, but in a way, you can’t blame them.

6) I’ll use an MMG again.

It’s not my favorite class of weapon, but there are times where I can use it with effect and enjoy it. I’m sure it could be improved. I look forward to using it again.

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