Battlefield 5

I love jackfrags, but his latest video is just ridiculous…

Battlefield 5 - I love jackfrags, but his latest video is just ridiculous...

Ridiculous and kind of irresponsible

He casually floats this really gigantic idea of what he thinks Battlefield's BR mode "could have been." It's pretty much what Treyarch did with Blackout, where they took elements from some of their previous multiplayer maps and scattered them throughout a big BR map. Sounds simple, right? Well watch the video

The scale and detail of what DICE puts in to a Battlefield map and what Treyarch puts in to a Call of Duty map are like night and day. And he wants them to put in big areas from Noshar Canal, Metro, Rogue Transmission, Caspian Border, Siene Crossing, Wake Island, Omaha Beach, Black Friday, Argonne Forrest. Operation Locker, Aerodrome, Dragon Valley, Dustbowl, Damavad Peak (with the base jump), Golmund's Valley, Zavod, Giant's Shadow and more. Oh and he wants the crashing ship from Parcell Storm to make an appearance too


Of course almost everyone in the comment sections is like, "GREAT IDEA JACK!!! Wish they would do this instead of what they're doing." When no one seems to understand how impossibly stupid this idea is. How the hell is DICE, Criterion, or anyone for that matter supposed to get all those gigantic, intricate areas and structures into a map with 100 players inhabiting at it once and not have the servers melt?

It's like the guy who says, hey I got a great idea for a new invention Then gives you this crazy friggin idea, with no insight at all in to how to actually make it work. And now he's got people all reved up over what so called "could have been." Getting people pre-annoyed over Firestorm months in advance. All over a stupid pi-in-the-sky idea of his that would never work

Great job Jack

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