Battlefield 5

I love this game!

Battlefield 7 - I love this game!

I'm a long time Battlefield fan and didn't jump into V at launch due to being busy with other things. I tried out the 10 hour trial and fell in love, bought it immediately, and can't stop playing. I know it has problems, but there are so many things I enjoy about this iteration.

As a defensive player, the fortifications are awesome as something to do to help the team while defending and also fixes the problem in mid-late game where every point is just flat scorched earth. I feel like building them not only helps your team when defending but it makes fighting in that point more fun for everyone in the game, I love it!

I enjoy how resupplying works now, with you being able to carry around a medkit and picking ammo cases up off fallen enemies.

I love the spotting changes, the lack of so many 3D spotting Doritos makes firefights much more dynamic and tense, and it's very cool that recon actually lives up to its name in that way.

I didn't think the sound design could get any better but it has, and the music is amazing.

I agree with others that the assignments should be more based around helping your team, and less "do x in one life" type things which are more stressful than fun, but I enjoy the different avenues of progression.

I've had a long-time problem starting with Battlefield 3 of death being very unenjoyable, and just feeling bad mechanically. I'm still not a fan of the hard-set death animations where you're sort of struck and locked in an animation for a second before it shows your killer, but the speed of those animations seems a lot faster than it was in BF1. On the plus side, I like how you can look around when you're down, it gives you some enjoyment to watch the battle unfold around you from a place of invulnerability. Seeing your teammates reaching out to you is also a really cool way to add some emotion to the battlefield.


On that note, I also really like the changes to reviving. It's very cool that everyone can revive for an increased cost. I also like that even for medics, reviving takes a moment, so fewer instances of a medic reviving an entire squad in the space of 5 seconds or just running through the battlefield zapping away in a full sprint.

One major criticism I still have is the way vehicles are handled. I wish Battlefield had adopted the system that Battlefront 2 used, where you earn points that you can spend to requisition vehicles. I really don't like getting vehicles being based on loading fast, dumb luck, or camping the spawn screen. It also harms gameplay when there are assignments that require you to use vehicles and the only way you can ensure they get done is to camp the spawn screen and wait to nab a vehicle spawn.

I agree with others that there should be an unlimited level cap or a way to prestige your overall rank and your weapon levels. Give us stuff to work towards!

There are probably some more things I'm forgetting to mention but I felt I had to leave my feedback somewhere, I hope DICE at least glances at it. I'm loving the game and hope it has a long future ahead of it.

TLDR: Longtime fan and I'm loving this game and its changes, minor complaints.

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