Battlefield 5

I made a concept for an ingame assignment system

Battlefield 7 - I made a concept for an ingame assignment system

Hey there!

So I took my time yesterday and made a concept for a system that allows you to change your current assignments while being ingame, so that you dont have to leave your game just to change or select an assignment.

I don't take this concept so far and say that DICE should disable the maximum of 4 assignments and just track all of them simultaneously. This is just a modified version of the current system.

Screen No.1

This would be the screen when you open up the assignments ingame. It is simular to the current one that excists in the main menu. I added detailed information to the ongoing missions, so that players know how far they are. This shown mission is at 50% in its current state, because one mission is done already and to fullfill the assignment it needs two missions to be completed. The other missions would track further on and the mission that is closer to complete the assignment would be added to the current percantage of the assignment.

If you want to change an ongoing assignment, there is now a "change assignment" button to do so.

"Add/Change Assignment"

If you add or change an assignment, a new menu will open and you will see this list. It provides you all assignemnts that you can chose from. If you select one, the text will appear orange and on the right side it will show the text "ACTIVE" + a checkmark. If you want to unselct an assignment you click the 3 dots and unselect the active assignment.To get more information about a specific assingment you just click any bar and a sub menu (in this picture the MEDIC MASTERY III) will appear and provides you with detailed information.I personally prefer those two menus. If you want it to be more efficient than you can remove the Screen No.1 and just let the list be the new menu for assignment changes.

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I would love to hear your feedback on this!

PS: You can also step into the discussion on twitter:

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