Battlefield 5

I want Dice to succeed and you should too.

Battlefield 8 - I want Dice to succeed and you should too.

This is a complex issue and if I get downvoted for this post I'll eat it but I'm sticking by my opinion here about BFV.

It's been said a million times that BFV could be a great game eventually. It has a lot of the right elements but feels half baked at times, and I'd agree. I still have a hard time feeling like I'm getting that "Battlefield Experience" on a regular basis.

But on the same page, I don't want to participate in this culture of pissing and moaning constantly.

We have had high expectations. Every past game has been pretty dope. And we should maintain those expectations- BUT as someone who WORKS in a media production industry for a living (I do music production for artist clients) I have some perspective you might want to keep in mind.

1: We know there was not enough time to fully build out this game. It's not our fault, and we shoudn't feel like we have to suffer for it, but that's just how it went.

I've had clients try to get me to rush work out the door for them and because I'm a sole proprietor I can say no- but that's probably not such a simple thing to do when you're Dice. They don't say no to shareholders. I always want to keep passionate about the products I'm delivering my clients and if they are rushed or half-assed I won't feel that way so I won't deliver that.

No serious creative professional wants to deliver shit work to their client base. Doing so has probably seriously damaged morale and team mindset at Dice and we have seen this with their employee turnover and lack of staff. This contributes to lack of motivation to deliver more work for a community that will probably bitch about it anyway- which definitely is how it is going.

Not excusing it, obviously they shouldn't be putting this stuff out but this was a bad gig to begin with and they are stuck with what they have at this point.

2: It's a fucking game.

Let's get real for a second. This franchise has released how many games in the last 10 years? 4? I think? And all of them have been pretty rad (Don't debate Hardline with me, I don't hate it or love it lol) BF1 and BF3 were masterpieces IMHO.

Regardless of AAA status or not, some games are just not great games. You might have to learn to live with that if you don't like it. As much as that sucks. Don't buy the next one if you're worried about it.


Not every single piece of work I put out as a music professional is my opus. If my clients don't like it, I rework it until they do. Dice appears to be making an attempt to do that but again, their morale and staffing is apparently shit and if you don't think mindset and morale has 100% to do with QC and the overall vision and effective build of a project think again. It absolutely does. If they get torpedoed every time we don't like something then it doesn't help them win.

I'm not saying that it's our job to make sure Dice does a good job with this game, or that we are somehow responsible for their QC or execution.

But y'all are acting like it's our job to somehow compel the devs to make certain choices about gameplay, functionality, content, etcetera. So maybe you really DO think it's your job and that's why you're so bent about it.

There are some really good elements to this game. Squad call ins. Movement system (when it works) Tanks. Spotting (or lack thereof) squad revives, weapons trees, the environment destruction, fortifications, smoke, weapons pickups, atrittion, bombers work great.

These are all incredible gameplay elements and while they deserve to live in more maps, and with better functional reliability, I'm not going to piss and moan about it forever, hoping I somehow make something happen with this game.

I mean lawd. You can panzerfaust a fucking plane, diveroll out a window, shoot someone behind you while on your back, call in Artillery on your overrun position, jump in a halftrack towing a guy with a cannon, destroy a tank with the cannon on your way out, build a machine gun nest, defend your new position, and resupply your whole team in sequence until someone Snipes you across the map with a fucking V1 Rocket. That's straight up dope.

But instead we complain about leafs and skins. Yeah. They should be cc based. I wish they were and I'll never buy any with real money. But is that really some fucking game breaking issue we need to cry about for 10 days straight till something else happens that we don't like?

Probably not.

TLDR- Dice fucked up, their team is a mess, this game isn't perfect, it needs maps bad, but also crying about it doesn't help so play it or don't. But stop making it harder for devs to get their shit together by constantly whining and suggesting things that are irrelevant to the core gameplay that take away from what we actually need which is comprehensive content.

Anyway if you think I'm a shill that's fine, I'm not, and this has been a long rant but I'm done now and I'm going to go enjoy some grand ops.

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