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I was banned because of a Video

Battlefield 6 - I was banned because of a Video

Hello ,

I am Harvester and my ingame tag in BF5 is Aimlocker_420 ( and I was banned last Saturday ( 12th of January) permantly banned by Fairfirght. The reason given was that I've violated the EA – game rules and thats it. This was my first "offense" in any EA game which has earned me a super great permaban for a game that I've paid 80€ for.

Now I am going to state it right now , I have not done anyhting that violated the rules , I was just playing the game with the weapons and mechanics that were given to me and I peform very well compared towards the average player and I ve done so as well in BF1 ( I've been used to people constantly telling me that they reported me because I am " cheating" etc. I generally just laugh at it and ignore it , it has happend before in BF1 and in other games like Planetside 2 , Warface , COD .etc , but until now I havent been banned for cheating.

My first assumption was that I ve tripped some sort of threshold within Fairfight or that too many people reported me ,

I wasnt really mad more annoyed but I thoughed , "Hey I ve streamed my entire gameplay ( ) , I had no weird programms running in the background. I guess after I send enough requests in I get someone to look into my case and double check it with the Information given and I guess it will sort itself out after a while."

The first repsonse I got was this E-Mail which I expected honestly , funny enough the same day I found this Video by /u/DeathStalker131 , which shows me at the linked timestamp. Now that video is a joke , he is using the spectator mode which is littearly unsuable to detect anything but an obvious spinbotter. If you dont know why its because the spectator mode runs with 10hz at best and 10HZ are not even close enough so show an remotly accurate display of the players actual movement.

Now why do I mention this video? Well is because of this ,

DeathStalker mention in his video at 20:35 that all of the "hackers" in his video will be banned thanks to Jeff Braddok.

He also put this line ," These will all be banned Thanks to Braddock. " In his video description. Now this is the NA community Manager fowarding my name on "hacker" list towards the anti cheat guys and funny enough I got banned the same day as that video was uploaded . So I know have to consider this terrible video as one of the reasons I was banned , which forces me to adress it.

If you havent watched the timestamp , go ahead do that and come back and look at my actual POV .

These are all the clips that were shown in his video from my POV and a link towards the broadcast so you can look for yourself.


Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4

Clip 5


Link of the entire Braodcast (Twisted steel starts at 1:14:00)

You can clearly see the difference in my POV compared towards the specator mode. I play the game on low as I dont want to deal with all of the horrible immersion settings in a FPS game , if you want to do ok but I cant play a FPS with all of that useless visual clutter. Grass that is there for him is not there for me , my mouse movement is entirely different , its not like somesort of bot or machine.

The other thing that the he keeps saying is that he doesnt know if I am cheating , he doesnt know how I find people he doesnt know how I shoot people but yet he fucking puts me in his video , great.

The reason why I find people is because I look for them , I know how the map flow usualy goes I keep looking at it , which is why I play with an enlarge minimap , I look for reddots , crosses of dead teammates to figure where people could be, then I check the angles where people would likely come from and guess what normaly they do. But what is always ignored are the times where I get killed from someone that is in an unexpected angle which I dont check.

Now about the part where I kill 3 guys really quick plus their spawn beacon , Idk what to say then its just aim and mechanical skill , they didnt move , only of them actually shot at me one was in the progress of spawning in and the other one was looking through the window. There isnt really anything special about that .

Now after watching that video and reading the name of the CS manager I tried to get in contact with him via twitter , after 5 hours he finaly replies with a generic answer that I already got when I recieve my ban message and keeps telling me that he doesnt work with anti-cheat and the way I should get in contact with them is via support which I was already doing. I find that funny because he was clearly eager to share that guys video with them but clearly doesnt want to help me out with my issue. Honestly I expected that as I ve seen many CM´s like that.

Now today I ve recieved this email from EA support after I respond on my denial of unbann and that I despute their "claims" that they have "rightfully" banned me. Now they wont even respond to my Issue as I have " clearly" violated their rules. They havent even given me a reason , just that I have "violated" a rule. Which rule? I havent done anything , I havent insulted harrassed players , I have not used any cheats or third party software to get an advantage over others.

But here I am permabanned in a game that I have spent 80€ on for the simple fact that people report me and spectate me with a broken system.

I understand that they dont want to tell you for what you were banned to stop people who make cheat programs to figure out what tripps fairfight , but it is also extremly frustating to have someone tell you that you have been banned for cheating and their "Investigation" has yielded that they were right , while you know you havent done anything but play well.

I honestly dont expect to be unbanned , EA has clearly shown that they really dont care , but I still find it amazing that I can get banned because somebody makes a video that has so many flaws in it , but can still get me banned.

Anyway that is all , next time somebody makes "Hacker Hunter" video , maybe bear in mind that the spectator mode is utterly useless and not everybody who is kills you alot is a hacker. I keep hearing that BF V is "Full of hackers". In those over 200 hours I ve encounter 2 or 3 actual hackers. Normaly I am the one who gets called that.

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