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I wish I had given Battlefield a try a long time ago

Battlefield 1 - I wish I had given Battlefield a try a long time ago

I have been an avid Call of Duty fan since Call of Duty 3. I’ve owned and played most of the games religiously, with MW2 being my most played game of all time. I always thought of Battlefield as the “rival” that just wouldn’t go away and was never as good as the main stream, popular releases.

About a year and a half ago I found Battlefield 3 used for 70 cents (I play on console) and decided to give it a shot. I was shocked at how much I instantly enjoyed it. Over the next few months, I collected 4, 1, 5, Hardline, Bad Company, and Bad Company 2, all for shockingly about $45 total. I played through all their campaigns, as I have always been a campaign first guy, a few matches of multiplayer in each, and moved onto the next one. Modern Warfare came out and that halted my dive into Battlefield. Between being in college and working, I played pretty much exclusively Modern Warfare with friends. I went on a massive grind and unlocked almost everything in the game at the start of the pandemic and as my play time mounted, I got more and more bored with it. A few weeks ago, I decided to finally go back and give Battlefield another look as I had put it off long enough. I’ve switched mostly between 4 and 5, and I’m absolutely hooked! Everything about the games is so much more enjoyable to me.


I adore that leveling up classes actually takes effort. Kills, objective captures, playing the role of your class, and experimenting with different equipment makes leveling up actually feel worth it rather than simply running around and easily getting levels simply by play time volume. The community seems to be so much better as well. I was playing 5 a few days ago and capturing a flag on Arras. One of my teammates was there with me and we were on the second floor of a house. He started randomly firing and fired a smiley face into the wall. I did the same and we jumped repeatedly with each other as the flag finished capturing. He got in a vehicle and waited for me, before we drove off to the next objective together. It seems small, but I genuinely can’t remember any interaction in all of the hours I’ve put into call of duty like that. Battlefield feels like you have to think about each move, learn the weapons, and it takes getting used to, and I love that. What an incredible treat it has been to really get into these games!

One of my best friends of mine plays only on PC, which I don’t have. The only cross platform game we have is Modern warfare. We have periodically played it over the last few months. I get so bored playing it now. It feels too easy and simple. It feels like the same thing every game over and over again, where as I feel like there is a different feel and story to each round of conquest. Any time I’ve gone back to COD, I’ve thought about how much the relief that it has been to my wallet, and hard drive, because I have no desire to buy any more Call of Duty games. I’m sticking to Battlefield from here on out! Better late than never!

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