Battlefield 5

I would like to purchase a copy Battlefield 5 for someone who cannot afford it.

Battlefield 3 - I would like to purchase a copy Battlefield 5 for someone who cannot afford it.

I saw a post similar to this on the RDR2 sub-reddit and I'd really like to spread the cheer here as well. I understand that there are people that cannot afford to buy the game. I won about 60 dollars playing games for money this past month and I'd like to use that 60 dollars to give someone a copy of the game. Please just shoot me a PM telling me why you're not in a good place to purchase the game (I want to make sure I'm not being scammed of course). I will most likely not get around to finishing this tonight as it's already 9:00PM, but I will check my inbox in the morning. Thank you all for the kind discussions on this sub-reddit about the game. This community has honestly been a joy, love seeing the artwork and thoughtful posts. It's really just about giving back, so again thank you.

I'm not too sure how Mods go about this kind of post, I can provide proof if needed, though I'm not too sure how I would. I suppose the best way would be for the person that receives this just take a screenshot or something and post it. Under Rule 7 it states "Unless a user is willingly doing a giveaway" so I suppose this fits.

Edit : I just wanted to clear up that this is for all platforms, it's easier on Xbox because I can just gift it to you from my Console, but worst case scenario I can use Paypal or buy you a game code off of Amazon or something of the likes.

Edit 2 : I will be choosing someone when this post reaches 12 hours, this gives anyone that wants to try at a chance for this another 3 hours. Thank you for sending the kind words and your stories, everything is of course confidential and I won't be sharing anything you tell me. I am reading every message, I woke up to 106 things in my inbox so I'm slowly getting through them. u/beardedwhiteguy has offered to match me and also give someone a game, so I will be choosing 2 people now!

Edit 3 : As I continue to go through my inbox I see a lot of you are curious about how I made the money playing games. I used this website called "PlayersLounge" basically players can put their own money on the line in an attempt to win more money. I got mine by playing wager matches on Fortnite, but they also have free Tourneys that helped me make some money as well. As I said they are wager matches, so you risk money to make money. But if you think you have what it takes no harm in trying. They have most of the sports games, Fortnite, Rocket League and when I asked they said they planned on adding BF5 after it releases so there is something for everyone assuming you have the skills to beat others.


I also just want to explain my situation a little bit, I did respond to someones comment, but so everyone can see… I'm 18 years old and live at home with my parents, I'm in Hawaii so there's really no way for me to be able to afford anywhere to live, and I wasn't exactly College Bound because of lack of money/scholarships. I got my GED a year ago and worked at a New Mexican restaurant for a year and decided that I wanted to try my hand at running my own business which I'm starting to work on now after taking a 3 month break. So that's how I'm able to give out a copy of the game, you should really thank my parents for letting me stay with them haha, they don't mind as long as I keep the apartment clean. And once again thank you for all of your messages and for spreading the positive vibes!

I have chosen u/ncmedic826 to receive a copy of BF5 and am waiting to hear from u/beardedwhiteguy to make sure he can hook up a game as well for the second person I have chosen, I don't want to say yet just in case he can't get the game. Thank you guys again for the amazing community experience and for sharing your stories, I have to say it's truly heartbreaking reading everything you guys have told me and all of the personal stories, I really wish I could get everyone a copy of the game. Like I said I will be trying to get another game before the game comes out, but I can't guarantee anything. Look out for another post similar to this one in 2-3 weeks!

Working with another user right now to get someone a copy of the game as well, unfortunately it's not as easy as I expected it to be. Amazon doesn't give out the codes until launch date, and I can't do gifts of preorders on Xbox. Right now I'm thinking the best way is through gift cards / codes. So hopefully that's alright with everything receiving a copy of the game.


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