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Idea for New Game Mode: Convoy

Battlefield 3 - Idea for New Game Mode: Convoy

Hi Guys, have an idea for a new 32 vs 32 game mode and was curious to hear your thoughts. It is called Convoy, and it is heavily inspired by similar modes found in Overwatch, SWBF2, and CODWWII. This is a LONG post, so TL;DR is on top.

TL;DR Overview – Attacking team would have 5 HEAVILY armored vehicles that they would have to escort from one side of the map to the other while passing through 3-4 checkpoints. If any of the Vehicles survive all the way to the last checkpoint, then the attacking team wins. The defending team must destroy all vehicles before this happens, and if they do then they win.

Specifics – The attacking team would start on one side of the map with 5 objective vehicles, consisting of 3 heavy tanks, one AA tank, and one APC (which can be used as a spawn point), all arranged in a line. These vehicles would have 4X-5X the amount of HP that normal vehicles have, but with some restrictions. These vehicles would not be driveable, they would all move forward together on a set path as long as there are friendly soldiers in proximity (like the Payload in Overwatch). The vehicles would allow for a gunner to operate the tanks turret though, so they are not completely defenseless. Most importantly, these objective vehicles would NOT be repairable by normal means (no self repair or repair tools) which I will explain why in a second.

So as long as there are friendly soldiers in proximity to the objective vehicles, they will move forward together in a line at a steady pace along a set path through the map. This "track" that they follow would pass through 3-4 objective areas or "checkpoints" as I will call them. These checkpoints are where the defending team would spawn, allowing them to set up fortifications and defenses for when the convoy arrives. Along the vehicle path, the defending team would also be able to set up tank traps (the steel hedgehogs that are already in the game) at certain areas, which would stop the convoy in its tracks until the traps are destroyed. This would allow for some awesome ambush tactics so the defending team could weaken the objective vehicles before they get close to the checkpoint. Once the convoy enters the checkpoint, the objective would be considered "captured" and the attackers would clear out the remaining enemies just like you would in breakthrough. Once that is done, the objective vehicles that survived would be fully repaired and resupplied with ammo, while the captured checkpoint becomes the attackers spawn point. This is the ONLY way that these objective vehicles can be repaired. The defending team's spawn will then move back to the next checkpoint, so they can begin setting up their fortifications and prepare ambushes. This process will repeat for all of the following objectives. If the attacking team can reach the final checkpoint with any surviving objective vehicles, then they win the round. If the defending team can destroy all 5 vehicles before they reach the final objective, then the defenders win.


Because I have no photoshop shop skills, I was not able to make a map for you guys. But reference this shot of Arras, and i'll try to explain how the track would go:
Dm9W8bTX4AA2cg9 - Idea for New Game Mode: Convoy

Convoy would start at the German spawn. The track would follow the road north to B, which would be Checkpoint 1. Next it would continue north along the road near the town until it gets to the church near E, which would be Checkpoint 2. Finally the track would turn left and travel northwest to D which would be the final checkpoint. Hopefully that description was good enough so you could kinda see what i was thinking. I think this mode would probably be best on the larger maps such as Hamada, Panzerstorm, Twisted Steel and Arras, but it could be really cool on urban maps such as Rotterdam or Devastation. Actually, I think it could work on Narvik too. For the smaller maps, maybe the attacking team only gets 3 objective vehicles or something like that. Maps that don't support airplanes wouldn't have an AA tank as part of the Convoy.

Sidenotes and Strategies – Because its a 32 vs 32 mode, other vehicles other than the objective vehicles would be available. I would say that both sides get 2 airplanes; the defending team gets 2 tanks, and the attacking team would get 1 tank (freely driveable, repairable, etc.). I really think that this mode would have some amazing chaotic moments, especially the ambushes and objective pushes. There would be some interesting strategies that could be employed by both sides too. If you're the defending team, taking out the AA tank first would leave the convoy more vulnerable to your planes strafing runs. Or if you take out the APC first, the attacking team would lose that spawn point, so they would have to spawn at the previous objective and run to the convoy, meaning there will be much less infantry support. Killing all the enemy infantry around the Convoy will also stop its movement, so aggressive tactics could be just as effective as defensive tactics. If you're the attacking team, you have to decide whether you're staying close to the Convoy to keep it moving forward, or if you will move ahead and try to stop the ambush attempts or clear the checkpoint before your Convoy gets there. Personally, I think this would be a super fun, dynamic mode that fully utilizes the scale of the maps and the fortifications system that Battlefield V already has in place.

For anyone who actually read all of this, thank you for doing so! I would love to hear your thoughts! Would you play this mode? If not, what would you change? I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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