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Battlefield 3 - Idea for tank supports

Tank gameplay in BFV has given me ideas. I think a cool addition to tank gameplay would be to have the ability to play a “commander” role in a tank. I’m still keeping the same battlefield two person tank. One player controls the entire tank while the other player supports using the turret machine gun. A nice addition would be to expand on that 2nd player part of the tank. Here’s an example, instead of just ducking in below the tank top of the hatch, you instead go into an animation of the player closing the hatch. Then you be put in what would be the commanders seat. From there you will able to look through the periscopes around you and you can put safely spot for your squamate in the safety of the tank however you will no longer be able to operate the machine gun. The commander also has the option to use their own gun from outside the hatch if the tank does not allow for a machine gun. If the tank does have a machine gun, simply pressing Y (or whatever PC uses) allows the player to switch between their own gun or the turret machine gun.

They have 2 ways they can go about the interface, they can do it similar to the hull machine gunner with an entirely black background but the periscopes still visible or they can model the inside of the tank but keep the players Fov above the bottom of the periscopes to save from modeling the entire inside of the tank.

If the next battlefield does take place in Vietnam, balancing tanks like the M48 and M60 might be a problem. Both tanks are well known for that giant commanders hatch that allows the commander to shoot from the inside of the tank while maintaining good all round visibility. One way to balance this would be to only have the play fire the gun from 1st person POV or they can just leave it alone entirely like BF4.


Picture this, Battlefield takes place in Vietnam. It’s a dense jungle with lots of hiding spaces, staying outside of the tank leaves you at risk to being shot in all directions. You get inside the commanders hatch and you scope the area, you see a tank but your gunner is distracted so you spot it for him. A red line will appear in his overhead compass until he lines up with the enemy tank. While he’s taking care of that you see enemies flanking around so you spot them for your team. Standing near a certain radius around the tank will give you the ability to see enemies that the commander has spotted. Both players will benefit. The supporting infantry will be gaining points for defending the tank and getting the kill while for the commander you get points for spotting the enemy and the assist. This gives a reason for infantry to support their tanks by trying to stick close with it. In my opinion, tanks feel to light in battlefield. Maybe a SLIGHT nerf to tank speed and turret traverse might make tanks feel better. I’m not sure if there was already and option to disable this but it’s annoying how the tanks hull moves with whichever way the turret is facing, sometimes it can be disorienting. Anyways what do you think?

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