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Is it me or do I just not get the hate behind stuff like Attrition and Restricted weapon kits?

Battlefield 6 - Is it me or do I just not get the hate behind stuff like Attrition and Restricted weapon kits?

I never understood the hate behind Attrition specifically – I've been playing the game since it launched and have around 150 or so hours in it. I don't understand the concept of hating stuff like Attrition.

First off, I don't think that people should have too much ammo, there should be a limit without people finding themselves in an overabundance – I think the default ammo count is fine, and if people have too much ammo then there wouldn't be a point for classes like Support to exist. I do genuinely think that people need to slow down a bit because there's a clear line between a game which has an overabundance of rewards and a game which punishes you too much.

Secondly, it makes tank gameplay in-depth and more complex – In games like Battlefield 4 tanks can auto-replenish their ammo and not have to worry about resupplying it. But it doesn't really feel indepth or doesn't really provide any challenge. I think that truly, vehicles need to have replenishable ammo meters or the game would feel broken. Almost every other vehicle based FPS game does this, take a look at Planetside 2 for instance, and nobody really hates it. I felt that air vehicles and land vehicles in BF4 and BF3 needed to have an actual meta because their only purpose in the world was to exist and sometimes provide support towards infantry – which is not what they should be reduced to. A Plane is supposed to have a seperate game-meta to feel in depth.


And then lastly, the restricted weapon kits. For those who aren't really sure of what I mean I'm talking about why you can't equip SMGs for every class. This was pretty much how it was in BF1942 and BF2, and since the devs are trying to go for a 'back to roots' gameplay, then they're essential. I don't believe that BF4's weapon system was bad, but you clearly shouldn't have certain combos of weapons as they're overpowered. For instance, an assault with a rocket launcher shouldn't have an assault rifle or else they'll be able to kill people easily and dispatch tanks easily – that's clearly broken from a gameplay perspective. I'm not against stuff like Recons with suppressed SMGs, but there need to be limits or else you're going to have classes which feel overpowered. It also somewhat reduces the need for classes in various aspects.

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I get the feeling that the people who complain about this stuff are more about Battlefield being a game where you can do whatever you want and not have to worry about winning, versus a game which has strictly defined rules and meta which people need to fulfill to have fun. Personally, I prefer the latter, but what do others believe in? And why does everyone complain, and should they?

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