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Is the Battlefield universe stagnating by avoiding to make Battlefield 2143 ?

Battlefield 3 - Is the Battlefield universe stagnating by avoiding to make Battlefield 2143 ?

I recently found myself lost in a nostalgia wave about the good old days playing Battlefield 2142 on my windows XP. Was it a perfect game ? No. But it was really fun and unique at the time even if it had flaws. I recently started playing again thought the battlefield2142 reclamation project and found this very interesting argumentative youtube video ( if you want the complete reasons behind this post and the complete reasoning of the question I'm asking, go watch it !


SO ! Is the Battlefield universe stagnating by avoiding to make Battlefield 2143 ?

What I mean by this, is not regarding money or game success. but more about uniqueness. Since 2142, we had a taste of a lot of different settings in battlefield games. Lots of modern ones, historic settings and post modern but not futuristic. Now , we are slowly seeing battlefield 6 on the horizon and from what I understood (correct me if I'm wrong) , it seems that it will be another Modern battlefield. Why ?

I feel like we had the full plate. For a modern battlefield, we have BF3 and BF4. For historic battles, with got BFBC2vietnam, BF1 and BF5. Why making another modern game once again that will probably (but hopefully not) be the same like the others ? Why would hardcore battlefield fans want to buy something that was already done before and is still available ?


There seems to be a lack of originality that was once put in front by 2142, stuff like Titans (or carrier) , mobile platform that you can move on the map, launch troops front, battle inside and destroy. Large maps putting the focus on vehicle combat. Long battles with multi-step objectives in order to win the game so its not the same start to finish. All those elements that were mostly missing from any sequels after that. Why would we put another 60-70-80$ on a game with nothing unique outside of a new story in the same setting and updated shiny graphics ?

I know that I assume a lot since we barely have any details on the game yet. But I feel that a sequel to 2142 would be unique and original ! its the next logical step for EA to do to avoid re-heating sauce that was used in too many recipes by them or by other games. They have a great lore they can build and expand. Also why making a Titan map / easter egg in Battlefield 4 if it was for nothing ?

One acceptable compromise if they are afraid a 2143 would not sell good would be to make a battlefield6 DLC named 2143, a little bit like we had Vietnam for BC2.

Let me know what you think about this, and as said on top, watch the video for a much better and clear logic if you are curious about this topic !

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