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It’s been beaten to death already, but Dice, the new TTK is horrid.

Battlefield 4 - It's been beaten to death already, but Dice, the new TTK is horrid.

Yes, I'd like to add to the thousands of posts sharing the same view. In hope that they will consider a revert.

Pre-patch I was expecting(hoping) that it wouldn't really be noticeable at all, and that the game would be virtually the same. But the more I played, the more it became apparent how significant the changes were. I routinely find myself now asking "how is he not dead?".

The guns don't feel as impactful anymore, and the game feels less punishing and less immersive. This is my main gripe, not that it's "harder" to get kills, given everyone's increase in survivability. Killing people is just ever so slightly frustrating at times. I've also noticed a lot more people running around in the open. I even do this myself now, the risk of running across an exposed area is significantly reduced when the enemy is far away, which again, breaks a bit of the immersion.


I hated BF1, and I bought this game on a whim, seeing it on a store shelf strictly because I needed more games for a new console. I was expecting to dislike this game too, but because the core gameplay was so great, bugs aside, it totally won me over. I don't know how to feel now, because I really did enjoy the previous TTK and was looking forward to playing more and more of the game. Now, my interest in playing has dimished, especially considering there is no "core" variant of Breakthrough. Please consider revising the changes, you did an excellent job with how it was set up initially. I could probably tolerate it as is, but that's the keyword; "tolerate". Considering many of us already tolerate the bugs, we really don't need this too. This is a shit change, I'm disappointed.

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