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I’ve been gaming for 22 years, been playing battlefield since BF2, and been a redditor for 8 years, but I am looking for a new home.

Battlefield 6 - I’ve been gaming for 22 years, been playing battlefield since BF2, and been a redditor for 8 years, but I am looking for a new home.

I wish I could filter this sub by highlights, tips, strategy, etc. I don’t really know where else to go for that type of info specifically around one game, but i really enjoy playing BFV, and I would like to get better at it. The circlejerk or bad modding or both is killing this subreddit for me. Almost every single post is about not getting CC, assignments not working properly, ammo/med crates falling through the map, visibility, buff/nerf requests, and a lot of them are just trying to change the game so it is easier for you. For you, specifically.

Not to sound too, “get off my lawn” about this, but this shit is getting really annoying. It is annoying that games don’t come out as a fully finished product anymore, but charge full price. It is also annoying that gaming communities are obsessed with getting their voice heard about changing the game. Like, dude…Dice is explicitly communicating with this community. They fu*king know about the issues and probably knew long before you ever even touched the game or this sub even existed. Maybe some of the issues aren’t even issues and some of them are just the way the game is. Don’t read too much into that statement. I realize a lot of the issues are real and somewhat game breaking, but what the fu*k are you going to do about it? It wasn’t made by this community. It wasn’t made by you.


Your job as a gamer is to have fun, and if you want to, get better at it. If you aren’t having fun for whatever reason, then don’t play the game anymore. Even at $60 I have already gotten my money’s worth in terms of entertainment value when compared to literally anything else (going to a movie, gun range, golf, etc.). I have to pay over $60 to play golf in real fu*king life for entertainment if that’s what what I really want to do, and it is only about 4.5 hours of entertainment.

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They are going to fix the issues that are bugs and they aren’t going to fix the ones that are not an issue, but part of the game, even if you don’t like it, or got killed in one ridiculously specific way that made you pissed off enough to post in all caps about how shitty the entire game is from one incident. I know that I do not have the power to change this sub, and I know that I don’t have to participate in it if I don’t like it.

All I want is information like stats, gun opinions (not to change but how to use), cool highlight gifs and videos, only in battlefield moments, class strategy, team work, achievements, arbitrary personal goals, etc. I don’t mind a few bug posts here and there either, but it shouldn’t be a large majority of the posts or the community, in my opinion. If anyone has suggestions other than this sub on where to go for a feed of that type of information for BFV, I would really appreciate it.

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