Battlefield 5

Jackfrags has the answer to your problems, DICE!!! Seriously

Battlefield 5 - Jackfrags has the answer to your problems, DICE!!! Seriously

I think Jack spoke out what really the utter most (and by reading comments browsing posts etc. I'd really want to say ALL) of the players hoped on when buying bf5 after seeing it sold for a quiet feasible amount of money and the promise for no premium season pass dlc ****. They hoped the game would develop in a modern way like the most current succesful games like csgo or rainbow 6 are doing.

Everything he suggested felt like a great idea and nice addition to the game. Maybe one day DICE could even turn away from the WW2 theme and just make bf5 become an established game played for its gameplay and mechanics (that of course is clearly not relevant right now but my thoughts on what I would possibly like to see from the game). I think its clearly obvious which direction is the best for them to go right now and Jack hit it spot on. It'd make me really happy seeing a post from DICE the next days announcing similar things or even mentioning this video.

From what I'm hearing you (DICE) actually managed to get the people who always loved BF (especially 3&4) to become interested again after turning away from the franchise over the last couple BF games. They bought it, played it, liked the mechanics, liked the challenging nature.


I personally, while playing, got visions (similar to Jack's) of the game becoming a long term liked and played game never ever having the need to release a new version. Players saw the potential of having a well established player base who care for the game, play everyday and over time start to communicate properly, perhaps use IG voice to communicate across the squad and team. They would develop tactics and enjoy a gamemode and experience, only this game can provide them and therefore playing IT and not a game of the steadily growing competition.

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IDK if it's DICE or EA that i have to target here, but it really seems some high placed employees need to either make up their mind completely or get replaced. IMO it's obvious to see how to make success nowadays. The model of releasing a new game every 2 years is just ancient and won't bring you success much longer. People don't want a brand new super fancy game. They want good gameplay, fun and challenge and see that being evolved further and further.


A guy who once as a kid lived for BF3 and thought, still thinks and genuinely hopes BFV can catch on and extend that experience

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