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Let us also remember… BFV has lots of new core gameplay changes/features

Battlefield 8 - Let us also remember... BFV has lots of new core gameplay changes/features

I just wanted to write a short post about why I'm still very much excited for BFV. I know there has been an overall negative reaction to the roadmap but DICE has stated many times that with BFV, they wanted to really nail the shooting mechanics, the gameplay, the so called feel of the game.

With DICE being so upfront in the last 2 or so months, it is clear that their current focus is on GAMEPLAY, not content. I think they are doing the right thing! In BFV we see new or changed features such as:

  • Attrition system

  • No nonsense bullet spread from precious games – mastering of guns through recoil patterns

  • Grand operations

  • Soldier customization (people have been asking for this for so long)

  • Enhanced class system through specializations

  • Weapon skill trees (they have taken our feedback from beta and have improved these so much)

  • Fortification system

  • Localized damage on vehicles

  • Interaction system with meds and ammo. Revives as well (a positive for me, but still a few feature regardless if you like it)

  • Removal of 3d spotting / new spotting system

  • Server side ragdolls

  • Accurate tank turret swivel

  • New movements like dive forward, dive backwards, crouch sprint

  • Bullet penetration

  • Squad call ins / changed spawn squad system

  • Reduced explosive spam

  • More accurate destruction (buildings in particular)

  • Company system for vehicles and soldiers

I tried not to add anything in this list that is coming after launch. These are the things that DICE have been really trying to get right. If we had none of these new features but 16 maps…that would get boring real fast. The gameplay needs to be engaging to keep us wanting more.

Now I'm not saying that we shouldn't get lots of content from Tides of War. No one really knows what will be added to that roadmap in the coming months. I'm fine with the roadmap for the next few months because DICE has been busting their ass to make the gameplay the best it can be. That is very clear to me after seeing the Dev talk videos, the Twitter posts showing map data and recoil patterns, and all sorts of reddit posts from the Devs. There is a disclaimer on the bottom basically saying things are still not 100% locked in. I'm looking forward to the release and everything added after that. Shout out to DanMitre and all the great devs/team members that have been so good about posting on here and Twitter.


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