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Let’s discuss tank situation, their turret (and how “GameChangers” doesn’t help at all)

Battlefield 1 - Let's discuss tank situation, their turret (and how "GameChangers" doesn't help at all)

TLDR: A statement about how current state combined-arms gameplay is actually ok, a comment about effectively playing tanks (meaning playing while supported by infantry), and how i think the gunner turret can be buffed while being balanced (by removing explosive damage like if you were inside the tank). And a comment about GameChangers.

Maybe you saw the video about how

. Exactly, another time that a youtuber/gamechanger gives bad advice about the game. Also again jackfrags ranting about bf 3-4 were better

where he states about the presence of "infantry gameplay and vehicle gameplay" and point out that teamplay is not really incentivized (pretty understandable!)

Then, while reading the comment section of the first linked video i found a pretty interesting comment (by OttomanScribe**)**:

I'm a relatively experienced tank player and I disagree with you.

I think there are issues, particularly with the spawning (I'm not in favour of forcing spawns, but I think there needs to be more info at spawn).

You're advocating contradictory things: AT to all players is a change that would encourage more camping, not less. You keep using the word "combined arms" but the current state of play encourages precisely that. You can't just go into an urban area by yourself in a tank, you need close infantry support.

There are plenty of versatile builds: that's what medium tanks are. However there are also more specialised builds, which can do other roles (in all cases except light tanks vs. armour) just not as well.

These specialisations increase player choice and encourage complimentary play. Tanks are vulnerable in close quarters with infantry, as they should be.

Infantry caught in the open are in trouble. As they should be.

Two infantry roles have tank killing capacity. One has an effective tank counter (smoke) and the third now has a weak tank disruption tool.

You're overstating the issue.


I agree with him. This doesn't mean that tanks in battlefield v are perfect, but in the last days I'm playing a bit more the tanks in this way and what i can say is that supporting the infantry in this way lead me to help a lot the team, with ending to make the push forward and capping the flag happening. edit: also, if the tank would be capable of playing the objective alone without infantry this would establish an annoying tank meta

What do you think about tank current situation? I agree with him, I feels like the tank are power but not op like happened sometimes back in BF4 (I have some bad memories in Zavod…).

I think that players must be incentivized to play on the turret (by buffing it) for neutralizing this threats: it's a really effective powerful gun but too much exposed to damage to be useful or at least desirable.

But I see it's hard to do if you got killed by a shot of piat or even a simple support at gun while up there.

My suggestion to make it more effective is

  • delete the taken blast damage for the gunner (like if you were inside the tank), so that the only way to kill it is by shooting, so the assaulter around you that are trying to rape can't kill you WHILE destroying the tank (i.e. their main counter, because the tanks can be really easily flanked and/or surrounded). Same thing for the airplanes bombing you .This means that crouching in the turret would be a bit more useful, and you have to be directly shot with guns to be killed.
  • Change the animation: you should be able to escape and enter the tank from outside (=faster!) while in the turret, and taking the support and repairing it should be faster while playing as gunner.
  • About the snipers well i think that the turret is powerful against them, since you can shoot to the glint. Also i'm glad is no more as powerful as in BF1 (where it was really Sniperfield). Also if you got killed by a sniper this means more likely that you and the tank are in an open space, so it's more easy for the tank to escape and/or deal with close enemies.

PS: I hate that these youtubers use continuously these clickbaits titles. They just carries the hate train this way, and this is not what the game currently needs.

edit: a couple of correction/change Edit2: i was actually referring to upper gunner turret, sorry

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