Battlefield 5

Let’s Do A TTK Survey

Battlefield 7 - Let's Do A TTK Survey

EDIT : Survey Closed. Sorry, see below for details.

Got 1 minute to take a Survey?

  • Follow the Link below.
  • Answer the 3 questions.
  • I'll post the results tomorrow later today.

EDIT (10:50AM MST): Holy Cow! Thank you, everyone! I am going to have to close this much sooner than I thought. Survey Monkey doesn't allow me to view the survey results after the first 100 responses, for free. We are currently at 530 survey responses. I can view the first 1,000 responses for $37 (monthly fee, I can pay one time and cancel). But it goes up in price very fast after that ($0.15 per result after first 1,000 results, or $300+ for unlimited responses). So, once the survey gets to 1,000 responses, I am closing the survey.

I am so sorry, I didn't expect it to blow up quite this much, and I didn't do my research ahead of time on how SurveyMonkey works. Still, 1,000 responses should be a pretty accurate sample of the community's feelings on the matter. I promise to follow up and post results here, as well as in a new post tomorrow later today.


EDIT (11:18AM MST): 970 Survey Responses…

EDIT (11:19AM MST): Annnd… it's Closed. Total Responses 1,003. Thank you again, everyone.

EDIT (11:44AM MST): RESULTS! (Also made a new post, to make sure it gets adequate visibility.) I screen captured the results and posted them to imgur. I hope that works for everyone. Again, I am price locked from actually exporting it as a PDF or anything else. But, I can turn the formats into pie charts or switch the axes on the bar graphs, make them stacked bar graphs, etc. Let me know if any of you would like to see the results in another format.

Again, thank you all for participating. I am glad we have such an active community. Hopefully, these results help DICE and EA see what is best for the game.

Read:  Could we please have the maps from the single-player war stories? As well as giving objectives more meaningful benefits.

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