Battlefield 5

List of BUGS from BETA that still have not been fixed

Battlefield 2 - List of BUGS from BETA that still have not been fixed


  • Infinite Bleedout (Force Quit)
  • Spawn Timer resetting (Force Quit)
  • Spawning in a Vehicle but never actually Spawning (Force Quit)
  • Black Screen with only UI
  • ADS Secondaries in Water
  • Tank First Person Shake
  • Plane not accelerating back up after trying to land
  • Spawning into a Plane, only to crash because the camera didn't transition
  • Spawning into a Ground vehicle, camera doesn't transition (Force Quit)
  • Spawn Not available on Vehicle when a vehicle is available
  • Dying then spawning into a vehicle places camera at death spot (Force Quit)
  • Dead Bodies hanging by their waists
  • T-Pose when getting revived from above bug
  • Explosives not Exploding or Exploding and not doing any damage
  • Plane Sounds (Stuka Primarily) randomly stop working
  • Kill Sound when hitting an enemy
  • Headshot sound when hitting an enemy in the body
  • Bipod System is still wicked Buggy
  • Revive Icons Covering Enemies
  • Players spawning in their squadmate after you killed him.
  • Enemy players spawning in front or behind you.
  • Can't revive a player from certain distance even when prompted to revive
  • Ally Spawn beacons seem to be enemy beacons until you fire them (no indicator displayed).
  • Input lag in 1p Tank Camera
  • Planes exploding when colliding with enemy ammo pack after kill
  • Some buildings Narvik in particular cause your character to "Bounce" up and down
  • Render Distance and Texture Pop In. Allow you to see enemies that are behind cover.
  • Players can turn invisible.
  • Vehicles can despawn while occupied.
  • Sometimes tanks don't make any sound when firing.
  • Certain actions cause crosshairs to stop rendering for vehicles (normal crosshairs, not the scope reticles).
  • Dreaded Super Bullet
  • Tank Sights Zooming and Unzooming by themselves



  • Invisible Magazines
  • Tank Optics not rendering
  • 1000 CC at level 50
  • Sometimes you are unable to shoot flares after a reload for a few seconds.
  • Sniper reload animation breaks. Sometimes it stop playing completely.
  • White dot for Armory never goes away
  • War Story Letters – Collecting all Letters in last Tiger doesn't award Skin
  • Hearing squad command noise when other squads throw up a command
  • Plane Radar not working
  • Unable to Unlock level 20 Guns
  • Damag Display Bugged – Hitting enemies for more than 100 Damage
  • Hitting Enemies for no Damage
  • Performance Issues – Low FPS Stutter, etc.

6 Months with more Bugs than features, really disappointing.

I have bolded the more important ones. If you have anything to add please leave a comment.

Share with whoever you can, these won't get fixed without your help.

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