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Make map weather more common.

Battlefield 2 - Make map weather more common.

Don't know if there's been a post about this before.

The weather elements added on maps is a pretty amazing touch, really adds to the battle and makes the gameplay feel totally different.

Unfortunately in my experience they seem exceedingly rare! Like for the desert map, I once had a desert storm, it was amazing orange shit everywhere it looked like a volcano was erupting or something. This desert storm has only happened for me once though and I'm level 50 played 63 hours.

I think they should make this sort of stuff happen more often, the snow storms, etc. Maybe one in every 3-4 games?

Another idea I had though I don't know if this would actually work. What if they had night variations of maps? So that visibility is much more difficult (as if it wasn't enough already). Could be interesting. Maybe not too dark so you'd need a light but the kind of dark where it's a full moon lighting the map or whatever.


Edit: for those that are saying it's good how it is because it makes it a rare treat.

I agree with you, if they're rare that makes them all the more mesmerising when they do happen. But I think that them being rare and then not happening even once in someone's span of reaching ranked 50 are two different things.

When I say they should be more common, even if it was still a very low chance I think they should increase the variables. So say it's 1in100 chance right now, maybe make it 1in50? Not a huge difference.

My previous idea of 1 in 4 games was just a suggestion which I personally would be ok with, but if people prefer it rare why not at least give it a slight bit more chance, because 1 in 50 levels is pretty crazy.

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