Battlefield 5

Making Operations Great Again…

Battlefield 5 - Making Operations Great Again...

As we all know, Grand Operations in Battlefield V is an underwhelming experience. When the mode first launched on Battlefield 1 it was the mode I always dreamed of for Battlefield as it really pushed playing the objective and pushing the line. The mode on Battlefield 1 was perfect in my opinion so where did it go wrong and how can we make Operations great again?

I'll start by saying that I just got done playing a match of "Beyond the Marne" in Battlefield 1 and right after I played "Battle of Hannut" on Battlefield V. I must also say that I enjoyed "Beyond the Marne" much more than any of the Operations in Battlefield V and I'll tell you why… it felt like a REAL battle. At the beginning of the match, it slowly showed different areas of the map (Soissons) with a French soldier (I know it was a voice actor) narrating over the pictures. This really helps set the tone of the Operation you could see the destruction the French soldier was talking about. This is much better than the unnarrated black screen with text speaking about the context of the battle. I much preferred hearing about the battle through the eyes of a soldier and this, again, really helped set the tone of the battle.

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Look at how nice this looks. Imagine an intro like this on Arras and Twisted Steel.

When you spawn in you notice that most of the sectors have objectives that are usually side-by-side to each other. This may not seem like a big deal, but when paying close attention I noticed that this helped guide players to move together in a line which helped create a little bit of a sense of direction while pushing an objective. Another thing I noticed about the objective placement is that a lot of the objective were on a hill which might seem small but I was always fun to push the hill in any game. A great example of this is actually in Battlefield V. On the map Twisted Steel the first sector (on Day 2) has a road that is elavated seaprting the two objectives. Everytime I play on this map that area always has a lot of intresting movements and, even if you don't notice it, makes for some epic moments. In fact, Day 2 of "Battle of France" has a lot of great objectives and is a perfect example of what I mean by how to make great objective placement. One issue I have with "Operation Battle Axe" in Battlefield V is the fact that the objective placement on "Day 2" is abissmol and the whole round takes to long as they are to spread out. Finally, the maps in Battlefield V need to have more giant buildings like Devestation and Twisted Steel (even through it is a bridge not a building) because these make for great objectives and for great areas to focus on during the match.

94z0u3i1a8531 - Making Operations Great Again...

Large buildings like this just look badass. Also big up for whomever made this map.

During my time playing Battlefield 1 I also noticed that the Operations have a dynamic (Ubisoft has joined the chat) day & night system which looks great. I never noticed how much of an impact switching the lights off has until the "Battle of Hannut" Grand Operation in Battlefield V had the amazing night section on "Day 1". We need this dynamic day & night cycle for all the maps in this game and the same goes for weather as well instead of them being scripted events. To add-on to that, I think that the "Day" system in which when each round ends it turns to another day wih a gamemode and new map should be scrapped entirely. I much preferred having a ceratin number of defenses during the Operation and fighting over the ruins of the previous round. This made me feel like we were holding our ground with each attack we repulsed.


72w7w7mvb8531 - Making Operations Great Again...

This part of the "Battle of Hannut" really felt like an Airborne operation.

Now I am going talk about few general things that should be improved. Time to kill (in my opinion) is still not perfect and I feel it should be a lot longer. I really loved the TTK (time to kill) in Battlefield 1 and with each soldier I had (meaning each life before I died) I felt like I did something with that life. Secondly, I feel like there should be more barbed wire and other barricades. After playing modes like Grind and Fortress I really began to love the building systems as there was so much cover you could build, but in any other mode I felt it was very underwhelming as the most you could build is a small row of sandbacks and maybe a platform. In Fortress on Devestation on the otherhand I was able to build wood platforms going over walls and create mazes of sandbags to confuse the enemy. Other than that some performence issues need addressing but I do not feel like boring you with those deatils.

To finish off this statement I would like to add some improvements that were not in any previous Operations or Grand Operations. This first is cinematics in between rounds. Maybe when the match on "Raid of Rotterdam" ("Day 2") ends, it could show a cinematic of a giant squad of bomber planes dropping a massive payload over the city, and then "Day 3" begins with a cinematic showing damage that the bombs caused. Then everybody spawns on Devestation. Or on the "Battle fo Narvik" Grand Operation it could have cinematic play where British soldiers land on the shores of Narvik on "Day 2" and the way it goes down would be different depending on the outcome of previous day. They could also make "Day 2" start with a beach landing, but I do not if that is what actually happened. Imagine if in the middle of a match if the attacking team is loosing then a giant artillery bombardment will start. The method could vary depending on map like on Narvik the British battleships in the distance would bombard the mainland and on Arras a giant bombing run will take place. That would conclude my personal ideas to make Grand Operations more cinematic.

a2bo3f35g8531 - Making Operations Great Again...

I would shit myself if I saw this in the middle of a match in Battlefield V.

Thank you if you read this far. If you agree or disagree or want to add something to the disscussion please put it in the comments below. Also upvote this if you agree as well so DICE can see this and hopefully add these changes into game. Sorry if there are any typoes as my Grammerly quit working half way through typing this.

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