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May BFV Maps Be Quality Over Quantity

Battlefield 4 - May BFV Maps Be Quality Over Quantity

The "Roadmap Reveal" seems to have made a cause for concern in lack of upcoming maps. This is early in the "Tides of War" live service game model, but I do admit I was a little concerned also. However, after thinking about other maps that were added in Battlefield titles there were a lot of lack luster ones that I would not care if they were in the game(s) at all.

A couple friends and I were playing last night and this subject was brought up. We were kind of creating a list of Battlefield maps we didnt like. Then the subject turned to the game we loved and played for years before Battlefield 3 came out… the much loved and countless hours played Rainbow Six: Vegas 2.

We were racking our brains and trying to count the maps. There were only 11 or 12 maps. Then we were trying to think of maps that we didnt like. After about a hour we could only think of 1 map that we hated… Presidio. We couldn't believe it we played a game for almost 3 years over and over again on limited maps and unanimously there was only 1 map we hated.


Bringing this back to Battlefield V, I/we really hope as EA/DICE develop more maps they focus on the quality of gameplay that can be had on a map. A map could look beautiful and dynamic, but if the layout leads to Landslides or exploits… what's the point of adding it other than it looks amazing?

In the same conversation we looked at the 29 maps available now in Battlefield 1 Conquest Servers. We counted arguably 9-12 Maps that if we never played again we wouldn't care. Yeah they look great, but just dont enjoy playing Conquest on them. So our hope is that as EA/DICE roll out new maps the key focus is on the gameplay on those maps. We all agree the gameplay, gun mechanics, and class balance we experienced in Battlefield V Beta has us all excited. Please develop maps that highlight those core mechanics.


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