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Battlefield 1 - Medic Guide or whatever

Are you tired of getting trampled by oblivious medics while you need a revive? Be the change you want to see! Are you a mediocre shot but want to get to the top of the scoreboard anyway? Do you want invisible gratification from people you'd probably avoid in real life? Medic's the class for you!

I'm admittedly a pretty terrible shot, but I've gotten good enough at reviving and capturing objectives to end up at the top of the scoreboard in many matches anyway. Good enough at least to share my shitty advice with you.

General Strategy

  • Everything in your kit as a medic supports one singular goal: reviving. Including your gun. Unless there is no one to revive nearby, think of your gun as a tool to stave off immediate danger (that's not to say you can't be aggressive or rack up kills as a medic).
  • Make sure to mark downed teammates that you plan to revive with R1 (Q or RB). That way they won’t skip before you get to them. (Thanks u/alxbeirut for reminding me)
  • You'll realize quickly that you should be prioritizing revive targets themselves. You're factoring in time left on revive timers, distance from you, and the danger of getting to each target. This will ultimately come down to experience and common sense. Experiment and evaluate. There is often a draw to run into fire and be a hero, but you will often do more good by going for the safe targets first, and since this isn't real war you don't have to worry so much about a guilty conscience ¯\(ツ)
  • Getting a revive off gives you a bigger advantage than anything in a 1 on 1 fight: cheating and making it a 2 on 1 fight.
  • Use your smoke! Take some advice from your teenage cousin and blow some fat fucking clouds. If you grab the smoke grenade and the smoke grenade rifle gadget, then you spawn with *four* smokes that can be bumped up to a total of five when you resupply. Smoke doesn't seem glamorous since it can't earn points on its own, but it has so much utility that it's one of the most powerful pieces of kit you can have as infantry. Throw it on a downed teammate to cover a revive. Throw it on yourself to escape fire from all directions or build fortifications. Throw it on an enemy encampment to totally eliminate their line of sight. Throw it between your team and the objective so you have cover to push. Throw it at a tank to disorient it so your assault buddies have an easier job taking it out. Throw it in a room to give you the advantage in close-quarters. I've even used it to lure enemies, since people naturally know that smoke = enemy nearby.
  • Push! Medics are great at playing the objective due to their infinite healing. A medic can't be gimped and forced to hold back and wait for healing. You can do dangerous things that everyone else doesn't have the assurance to do. Your ability to revive also lets you keep up the momentum. A good play by one medic can easily be the deciding factor in a successful capture.
  • Remember to heal others. If you take the bandage pouch, you can throw that shit out like candy. Pro tip: hit R1 (RB) to throw a pouch without taking your thumb off the left stick. Unlike revives, you can strongly prioritize healing your squad mates over other teammates.

Medic Weaknesses

  • Your weapon choice prohibits you from effectively engaging with long-range targets. This decision was made by the devs to motivate you to stick with your team and be the good medic you're meant to be. Of course, with the addition of the Commando Carbine, you have one unique option that allows you to trade the easy close-range advantage of SMGs for one-shot head shots (within a certain range) and decent long-range capability. With more new carbines on the horizon, it looks like the medic will be more versatile in the future.
  • You can't take on tanks. The most you could possibly do to them is throw a little frag grenade for a bit of damage. Your strategy when a tank shows up is to throw smoke, evade, and keep friendly assault players alive to do their job. Another more minor point is that your lack of explosives forces you to go around fortifications rather than through them.
  • Lastly, you have less offensive presence in general compared to other classes. Most of your kit supports supporting, and you don't have any powerful explosives. That said, you can get pretty far with your SMG alone.

Medic Kit

  • Guns. As mentioned earlier, you're limited to close range SMGs. SMGs are, however, versatile in close range. Your main challengers will be shotguns, assault rifles, and the odd LMG, but you're capable of beating all of them. In terms of which actual weapon to choose, I have to give the cop out answer; use what feels best to you. As a starting point: the Suomi KP/-31, MP28, and M1928A1 all shred in very close range, the MP34 (personal favorite), MP40 (preferred by most medics), and ZK-383 (longest effective range) are able to tangle at much longer distances, and the STEN and EMP are both somewhere in the middle I'd say. The Commando Carbine is in a league of its own. Try it out for a different play style.
  • Grenades: smoke vs frag vs incendiary. I've babbled about smoke enough, and it should definitely be on at least one of your loadouts. Frag and incendiary both enable you to put more pressure on dug-in enemies, but if you take one of them, then I recommend grabbing the smoke grenade rifle as your gadget 2.
  • Gadget 1: Bandages vs Medical Crate. In almost all cases in BFV, bandages are the way to go. Medical Crates give you the capability of serving many people passively at once, but the reality is that few people actually grab health from your crate. Don't let me scare you off from giving it a try of course.
  • Gadget 2: Smoke Grenade Launcher vs AP Mine. In general I'd go with smoke grenade launcher for m a x i m u m s m o k e but the AP mine can net you some stray kills and help defend entrances. Throw it on a supply crate if your parents raised you to have no morals. If you do take the AP mine, grab the smoke grenade as your regular grenade so you don't miss out on that sweet, sweet smoke.
  • Combat Role: Field Medic vs Combat Medic. For the most part these make only minor differences. I recommend putting the loadout you use more often on Field Medic since the Swift Effort trait is the most useful. It'll allow you to dodge bullets and beat revive timers with more ease.

If you think I left shit out, have questions, or think I'm a dumbass, come argue with me in the comments. Good luck my medical chums. I believe in you.

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