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Movement speed has gotten more twitchy every subsequent BF game in a bad way: Some stats included.

Battlefield 5 - Movement speed has gotten more twitchy every subsequent BF game in a bad way: Some stats included.

First off. I get it. BF is arcade. I'm not arguing that. Its not a mil sim.

Quake is also an arcade shooter and so is CoD and yet they all have different movespeeds that changes the tempo and core gameplay. All 3 games mentioned feel unique/signature and thats largely because of the movement. (Of course there are other factors at play but nothing impacts a shooter more in second to second gameplay than player speed)

The movement speed in BF5 is obscenely fast. Its like olympic level while also negating physics that previous BF titles simulated . I'm not bring physics into this because realism doesn't make games better. I'm bringing it into the conversation because its a key piece of info as to why previous BF titles felt like they had slower movement. And I'll show some of that info below.

There are 3 reasons I've narrowed it down to as to why BF5 feels closer to Quake/CoD than older BF titles.

1. The older BF titles had multipliers for other directions besides forward.

BF4 Sprint speed = 4.0 * 1.625 = 6.5 m/s * 1.1 Sprint boost = 7.15m/s

BF4 used a 0.75x modifier for movement other than forward.

BF1 Sprint speed = 3.4 * 1.775 = 6.035 m/s

BF1 used a 1.0x modifier for every direction.

It seems as if BF5 is almost identical to BF1 in this respect.

2. The older BF titles had a lower acceleration and deceleration than BF1 and BF5.

Acceleration: How fast you get up to speed.Deceleration: How fast you slow down from movement.

What does this mean exactly? BF1 and BF5 have extremely high acceleration and deceleration (you get up to speed extremely quick and stop almost instantly when your finger leaves the key.) This equates to the main and biggest problem I have with the game. It feels floaty. Like quake. It feels cheesy and way too fast. The thing is I'm not complaining because my reflexes are slow.

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3. And lastly BF5's baseline run-speed is higher as well just like BF1's was.

I play all kinds of twitch games alongside other types. I'm not complaining because of 'slow reflexes'. Im 26. Their still really good. Its the fact that it feels off from the BF franchise.

I've played 1942, BF2, BC2, BF3, BF4 – BF1/BF5.

And out of all of those, the first 5 mentioned have supremely better movement speeds to me due to the aforementioned mechanics. They were all great games. But this new movement direction is not for battlefield I argue. Especially not for a BF that wants to focus more on squad play, positioning and thought overall.

Hope a dev reads this. I have low hopes of ever seeing a change because people are so resistant to anything other than what they have currently and it'd feel like you were 'nerfing' them. But would love to see the series return to an older movement speed philosophy.

Kudos, and I hope at least a dev reads this and could comment.


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