Battlefield 5

Moving on.

Battlefield 4 - Moving on.


I have been part of the Battlefield family since the first demo of BF1942 came out. When I first played it at a friend's house, I was hooked. That same day, I went and bought a new computer that would be able to run this innovative new game. I didn't know then where the journey would bring me, but if I could go back to that moment and tell myself what I'd be doing ten or fifteen years later, I'm sure I wouldn't believe me.

Since that day, all my computer upgrades have been synced with new releases in the Battlefield franchise. All things considered, it only made sense that I'd eventually join DICE. First as an engineer working on Battlelog for BF3, and later as a producer working on competitive Battlefield and the live service. Just thinking back on all the memories and everything I've had the fortune to experience is humbling.

I have now been at DICE and DICE LA for almost ten years. I have learnt so much, and grown so much, both professionally and personally. It has been an incredible experience.

So it is with mixed feelings I now want to let you know that I will be leaving DICE at the end of this month. Sad to go, but also very excited for what the future holds. DICE will always have a special place in my heart, and I will always feel like I am part of the family.


There will always be ups and downs in game development, especially with such a passionate and dedicated community as this is, but I have never seen a group of more talented and great people than here. The ambition at DICE is to constantly try to make Best even Better. I admire that mindset. Sometimes it makes us as game developers overreach, to want to do too much. But I will always support ambition over the alternative.

Although I am departing from the development side of Battlefield, rest assured that I will remain in the Battlefield community. It truly is the best community in the world. It is where I started my journey in Battlefield, and it is where the journey will continue. This is not my good-bye, but rather my "Hey, I'm back!". I'll continue to be part of the discussions, provide insights to the best of my ability, and continue to talk to the development team, who are not just colleagues and friends, but more like family.

I also know what is in the pipeline for Battlefield V and the franchise, and trust me, there are some really awesome things coming. I can't wait until some of the stuff I've been working on is announced… I know many of you are still waiting…

As for my professional future, stay tuned for more information. I will reveal that I am moving back to Sweden in March.

I'm absurdly excited about the future, and look forward to talk more about it.

I'll see you all on the Battlefield. Let's HS some devs together!

Jojje "Indigowd" Dalunde

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