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Multiplayer producer David “tiggr” Sirland on the state of BFV

Battlefield 7 - Multiplayer producer David "tiggr" Sirland on the state of BFV

Just in case you missed it, because of the Operation Underground hype – BFV's multiplayer producer David u/tiggr Sirland edited his comment from a while ago:

So, to finally get back and answer this post (as I said I would, sorry for the delay):

I was personally pretty bummed out by the controversies surrounding this game around and before launch (especially the focus it took away from the good stuff), and I think that goes for many of the devs. I hope we can bridge that gap and get back to making a better game and experience that meets expectations from players that like Battlefield and ourselves as devs as well.

There are of course multiple things I'd personally would have done differently, but I prefer to start doing things directly when I realize I should rather than dwelling on what could have been 🙂 – I hope that my personal and the teams effort will be something that speaks for itself within the game rather than merely a topic of discussion.

As some of you know, I recently came back from ~8 months away on parental leave, with fresh eyes and an eager mind to make some Battlefield. Although I stayed away from social and the game in general (kids eat your time up!). I, of course, didn't miss the June patch issues and controversy to follow that – so I had a rough idea of the state of the game and community.

The first thing I did when I got back at the beginning of September was to sit down and play the game A LOT (both what is public and internally) – to build myself a clear picture of where we are and where we need to go from here.

My initial verdict was that in many ways there have been little to no improvement or movement in some small, but key/important areas many players (myself included) care most about. There are several places in the second to second gameplay where an iterative constant process of improving quality in the greater package should have occurred in each patch or so. With the explicit goal of upping the quality, shave away issues, tighten up the tempo of things, and just generally improve these things in a continuous manner.


This has for a multitude of reasons not happened – but, there has of course been a massive amount of other content, and lots of other improvement happening during this time instead.

With 20:20 hindsight unlocked the prioritization of these quality of life core areas is very needed and should have happened earlier for sure. These priorities have been changed now, and the team has been setting in motion a pretty massive undertaking in this area, which has been going on for some time as I write this.

You've probably already seen an inkling of this in the latest patch (4.6), and there is much, much more to come here in future updates and other efforts connected to this strive to continuously improve the game.

Without promising anything – I sincerely hope the combination of these efforts will coax anyone that has left, that hasn't tried the game for a while or simply isn't playing as much as they used to into giving it a go and liking it again in the near future for sure.

Finally, direct dev communication in general and around these specific areas of what we are doing and how we are going about improving the game is also sorely lackluster in my personal opinion. I think we absolutely need to do better here, and I will try my hardest to get us back to the level of communications we had just after launch and leading up to it – you deserve that.

I hope this feels like a satisfying enough answer for you to start finding our way back to a healthy dialogue!

See you on the Battlefield

/David "t1gge" Sirland

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