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My BF6 Concept [OTHER]

Battlefield 6 - My BF6 Concept [OTHER]

So first I want to talk about setting, i think it should be modern day with multiple fronts. I think there should be an Alaskan front with small Alaskan villages and snowy mountainous landscapes and very wide open maps, an Indonesian front set in the jungles of Indonesia, and a Korean front set in more urban landscapes. ideally I want them to do a reboot of the modern setting rather than continuing from BF4 as I feel like BF4s final stand DLC went too far into unbelievable science fiction than what a game set in 2020 should have been. Hover tanks for example if you were to look at it from an authenticity point of view hover tanks just arent feasible, they cost a lot of money to produce, eat a lot of fuel, and are easily disabled compared to a standard tank, they also wouldn't be able to deal with very rough terrain sure you could say "but they can turn faster" and sure you could say that, but on the same note they are less maneuverable in dense urban environments as you have to turn the entire tank in order to aim the turret which is one of many reasons why hover tanks will never exist IRL, that and this little thing called an Attack Helicopter.

TLDR: Modern day set in Korea, Alaska, and indonesian jungles

  • MAPS

So let's talk about maps. I think the game needs to have 9 maps and 3 different map types: large, medium, and small, I think there should be 4 large maps, 4 medium maps, and 1 small map that is infantry focused, yet still features LAVs. So my idea is this: 2 large and 1 medium map in alaska, 1 large and 2 medium map in the indonesian jungles, and 1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small map in Korea. With each location having 3 maps of their own that could later be expanded upon with future updates.


With multiple fronts you will have multiple factions. with the fronts I have chosen I think for launch there should be the following factions: South Korea, China, Russia, United States, and an indonesian coalition backed by the western world against the fictional Chinese occupation of indonesia.


with my game I want the lines to be blurred about who is and who isn't the bad guy. I think having a simple black and white like we've had in the past is just too basic. Ideally for the single player aspect should show all perspectives, but realistically for qualities sake I think they should only do 3 different campaigns as my biggest issue with BF1 and BFV is that their campaigns felt like you were thrown into these short stories which are visually stunning, but simply dont give you enough time to care about the characters. At least that's how i felt. I felt like BF singleplayer was better when they werent trying to show you like 6 different stories in 1 game. BF3 only really showed you 2 stories, the russian story, and the american story with the american story being the main focus.


1 thing I enjoy is when the default weapons before you unlocked any weapons depended on your faction. I'd like to see that make a return.

I think every single weapon should have a different weight attached with it, which hasn't really been done in Battlefield to my knowledge. And I know many people are skeptical to this idea, but in my mind it will do a lot to give different weapon types different niches and advantages compared to other weapon types. For example with PDWs you'd be able to run quicker, and ADS quicker, but suffer more at range where as assault rifles will be slightly slower all around, but better at longer ranges without trading off too much in close quarters, LMGs would be even slower to move and ADS, making it not so ideal in close quarters, but would make up for it in ranged engagements. Which all of this would also play into the specializations and attachment system I have thought out for the game. I'd much rather a system like this as opposed to BF4 where it didnt really matter what weapon type you picked, instead of giving LMGs tons of spread to make them less useful compared to other guns why not have them still be accurate, but slower to move around. In my mind this just seems like a better way of balancing than spread in a lot of circumstances.


As for weapon customization I dont think they should go down the same route as BF4 like many people here do as to me BF4s attachment system wasnt very personal and featured lots of reskins of the same attachments. When I think of weapon custmization I want the game to make you feel like you have a connection to it. Much like the new Modern Warfare, and hell even Hardline to a lesser extent. at the moment I think MW19 is the current bar to climb when it comes to weapon customization in the triple a FPS space.

On top of this I'd like to also see a weapon specialization system. Each gun would only have the ability to have one that you can change at any time. In order to unlock the ability to select a specialization you need to complete a double weapon mastery which would be 1000 kills with said weapon. The options you would have would be faster ADS, faster reload (swaps out old slower animations for faster new animations), faster weapon swap, and faster ADS movement. Each one providing their own benefit, with the purposes weapon specialization and attachment system you may be able to upgrade an LMG to be a little more competitive with assault rifles in close quarters while trading off weapon controlability and long range capabilities.


I think movement speed in all Battlefields since at least BF3 have been way too fast. I was originally into Battlefield cause it felt more tacti-cool than what COD did and was overall a slower more methodical experience than COD, but since BF3 I've felt like it was equally fast if not faster paced than COD, which for certain maps I'm fine with, but I think there needs to be something there that makes the larger maps actually feel more like larger maps and makes the small maps feel the same, maybe a stamina system or maybe a slower overall movement speed would do the trick. I miss BF4s launch day movement speed before they made it significantly faster and introduced movement bugs that were never patched.


I think some elements of attrition is nice, but I think they took it slightly too far. I think they should consider giving you more reserve ammo and maybe an extra health kit for the next game, I however dont want to see auto health regen return. I think once you add auto health regen you kinda just make landed accurate shots pointless. Sure health regen is better for lone wolfers, but I'd argue the whole point of Battlefield was never about the lone wolf playstyle. Its identity had always been a shooter that revolved around team play. Well up until the Bad Company series it was. Ever since then Battlefield has seemed to favor the lone wolves more and more and when in BFV they punished lone wolves that fanbase they attracted over the years were mad. I for one loved health attrition, but didn't care much for ammo attrition tho I thought health attrition could have used some minor tweaks.


BY FAR the BEST feature of BFV. I'd like to see a more refined version of it, let us place certain things such as tank traps wherever we want, but with a limited number to prevent overloading the server. Itd be nice to be able to use tank traps in certain areas to gain an advantage rather than relying on DICEs map design. The truth is there's not much point to attrition if you can't place things like tank traps wherever you want. I also think you should be allowed to dig foxholes wherever providing you are on soft land such as dirt or sand or whatever, but not in concrete. So in conclusion fortifications should be able to be placed wherever, but with certain limitations.

I've also thought if the idea of having class specific fortifications, but that's something that would have to be messed with.

  • TTK

The next game needs to have a 25 to 18 damage model for standard 556 and 554 rifles. It's the damage model BF3 used and if im not mistake the damage model that BFV used before the TTK changes.


I'm sorry, but 4 classes just doesnt feel right, it's never felt right to me. BF3 and BF4 had the super medics with assault rifles. And now BF1 and BFV dont have an engineer class at all. There needs to be 5 classes with 5 man squads, and 3 extra players on each team so we dont have the whole issue of having all 5 man squads and 1 2 man squad.


Frontlines, Breakthrough, Conquest (and its sub game mode conquest assault), and Rush should be the main focus, I'd also like to see cool intros to maps so for example maybe on one of the Alaskan maps the Russians make a para drop or on other maps you're in a convoy and you pull in to battle, or maybe you get flown in on a transport chopper. Things like this just make things feel more meaningful and immersive. I also liked the idea of the airborne game mode in BFV but it needs desperate work before itll ever be good.

I think breakthrough should be a 44 player game mode. 64 players is way too much for this game mode and I still am mad at DICE for removing the 40 player version in BF1 when IMO the 40 player version was more balanced and fair for everyone involved. I was very passionate that the 64 player version is the version that should have been removed, that update was the final nail in the coffin for me when it came to BF1. I quit pretty soon after that update released. The one and only thing I ever enjoyed about BF1 was completely removed with that update.


I'm sorry, but for most maps the BF1 and BFV multi vehicle choice doesn't work, for larger maps I think yeah, by all means give the choice of light medium or heavy for tanks, but for smaller and medium sized maps it's a bad idea IMO. Vehicle choices should depends on what's best for the map, don't allow players to chose whatever they want.

Also jets need to have larger skill gap than BF3 and BF4. Jets are just boring in those games, all you do is just hold a certain speed all game and that's just not engaging to me and I never enjoyed it.


I don't want 3d spotting, to come back, I however do like having 2d spotting that visible to the whole team thats updated in real time and the 3d ping that only your squad can see from BFV. I'd also like to hear more done with the audio call outs. For examples if you spot someone who's in on the second floor of a building your soldier will scream "enemies on the second floor" or if they are west of a skyscraper he'd yell out "watch out enemies west of the skyscraper" and it's not like this would be too difficult to do as BFVs 3d markers already have names for every section of the map. I'd also like to see the player react to things going on so for example if a tank goes through a building I'd like to hear soldiers call out "SHIT!! this whole buildings gonna come down, get the fuck out!!"

I'd also like to hear an improved version of BF4s radio chatter, so for example instead of just having true directions I think they should include the compass degrees so for example "fuck! Theres an enemy tank operating 50 degrees in the north east over" and "enemy soldiers 90 degrees east, I repeat enemy soldiers 90 degrees east! over" I think call outs like that on the radio would be very useful information to have. While in BF4 it was cool to hear them call out east west north and south over the radio it wasn't really useful, it was just there for the sake of being cool.

Also if there's any big leveloution events they should also be called out on the radio or if the weather changes that should also be announced on the radio. It just makes the game world feel more alive. So for example say there's a rain storm about to come in you'd hear something like "um yeah, be advised we have a rain storm rolling into the area of operations over"

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