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My BF6 Wants – Wishlist

Battlefield 3 - My BF6 Wants - Wishlist

Time To Kill

I would like BF6 to have a similar TTK to Battlefield 1, but the bullets actually go where you shoot with little to no random spreads/bullet deviation unless firing from the hip. I liked the TTK in BF1 but the clunkiness of the gunplay and the bullet deviation when you shot was really frustrating. Tightening up the gunplay but keeping a similar Time To Kill as BF1 would be nice in my opinion.

Player Counts

Obviously we will be getting higher player counts in the next Battlefield game, which will likely result in bigger maps also. I would like 50v50, however anything over the standard 32v32 is a bonus in my opinion.


I would like a hybrid system of BF5's manual healing system, and a standard automatic health regeneration system. I would still allow players to collect and carry a med-pouch but they would now heal you over 5 seconds up to full HP, or you could keep it stored and wait for the automatic regeneration to begin after 12-15s.

This would mean that HP and Ammo resupply stations would be on the maps, which would be nice to see. These would work as they do in BF5, and same goes with the ammo stations. 1 of each per objective seems fair.

The med-pouches themselves would probably be slightly toned down from say BF5 because they act as a secondary form of healing. Like i said, allow this to regen over say 5 seconds, with any damage taken cancelling the healing effect completely.

Medics would have an infinite amount of these, allowing you to keep yourself alive and replenish your HP whenever needed or wanted.

Mantling and Player Movement


This is where I want to see a complete ground-up overhaul. The movement mechanics is what holds the game back when compared to other larger-scaled games. It has always been clunky, buggy and so unfriendly to use. Making this fluid so it works consistently, and doesn't feel jarring is SO IMPORTANT.

With most Battle Royale games, and even MW's Ground War which all have huge player counts, all have fluid quick ways to traverse cover on the map, that works flawlessly most of the time. I know battlefield use the Frostbite engine which isnt an easy engine to work with, but this needs serious time and technology invested into making it work right.


While Vehicles, and especially the super strong ones like Choppers and Tanks ARE part of battlefield, i do feel having some infantry only maps is important, and maybe also a playlist for conquest whereby Tanks/Choppers AREN'T part of the match. This is more of an unpopular idea though.

Class Balance

I would also like better Class balance. I think the Support class needs some bigger improvements. Maybe going back to an Engineer class could work, or at least change up who gets what on each class. I also want my LMGs to work like normal (not like the MMGs in BF5). I am impartial to how they handle sniping to be honest. BF5 and BF1 feel really nice in their own respective ways. BF1 is more accessible and fun. BF5 is more crisp but takes higher skill.

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