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My concept suggestion for BF6

Battlefield 4 - My concept suggestion for BF6

If I was the concept designer for DICE, this is how my game would look, keep in mind I know next to nothing about military operations this is just where my mind went at 1:30 in the morning. Hope you guys like it!

Factions: USA-UK-Japan vs China(+North Korea)-Russia-Iran

Timeline: Spring 2028-China annexes North Korea as tensions between the two countries and the US reach its peak Fall 2028: China drops a nuclear bomb on Tokyo, Japan, one of the US’s Closest allies, killing millions and Igniting the war. December 2028: The Chinese army has occupied the Oki islands 50 miles off the coast of Japan and Japanese forces launch a mission to take the islands back, this is successful and the Chinese forces are pushed back to the Korean Peninsula and eventually back to the new border of China at the 38th parallel. Winter 2029: Using the conflict against Japan as a distraction, chinas real plan launches, an all out invasion of the United States. WW2 begins to repeat itself as The Chinese forces launch a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. After invading the Hawaiian islands the Chinese prepare their mainland invasion. Expecting an invasion of LA or San Francisco, the US is caught off guard when Chinese forces land in tillamook bay in the Pacific Northwest, US Forces hold their ground and gain a decisive victory. Summer 2029: Iran joins the conflict with the Chinese as tensions rise with the USA and launch a drone strike on an American Military base in Syria. The US Quickly occupies Iran by taking capitol city Tehran and controlling the gulf of Oman. Fall 2029: While Russia has decided to not fight in this war, they have been supporting the Chinese and Iranian forces with supplies and money. The US Joins forces with The UK and a joint invasion is taken on Russia to destroy the supply line by surprise attacking through Saint Petersburg. This draws international criticism as thousands of civilians are killed. Fall 2030: With Chinas main source of supplies cut, and the US in control of the Indian Ocean, American and Japanese forces Launch a joint invasion of China through Southeast Asia and eventually take the capitol city of Beijing. Spring 2031: With China occupied by the Americans and Japanese, these forces invade Russia, to end the war once and for all, an all out battle takes place in the Ural Mountains between all 6 countries.


Maps: -Oki strait JAvsCh: This map will heavily feature naval combat and will have a similar feel to the naval strike maps from BF4 -DMZ JAvsCH: This map features the Joint security area in koreas DMZ. This remote area will make large vehicles inaccessible and will only have transport vehicles similar to BF4s Guilin peaks -Pearl Harbor USvsCH: This map also features naval combat but not as much as Oki -Tillamook Bay USvsCH: This map in the Pacific Northwest will be a medium size map including the rocky cliffs as well as tense urban fighting in a small town -Tehran Highway USvsIR: Not a True remaster but more of a reimagining of a not so fan favorite -Gulf of Oman USvsIR: This will be a true remaster minus the sandstorm -Saint Petersburg US+UKvsRU: Tense Building to building urban fighting with minimal vehicles, think BF3’s grand Bazaar -Beijing USvsCh: urban fighting with all the fixings for vehicle lovers -Ural Mountains All Factions: taking full advantage of the new 128 player count, this will be the largest BF map ever, with loads of tanks choppers jets and transports and all 6 factions will be featured

Vehicles -Armor (MBT, IFV, APC) US-M1A1 Abrams, M3A3 Bradley, ICV Stryker UK-Challenger 2, Ajax, CVR(T) Japan-Type 10, Type 89, Type 73 China-Type 15, Type 08, Type 81 Iran-Karrar, BMP-2, BTR-50 Russia-T14 Armata, BMP-3, BTR-90 -Helicopters (Attack, scout, transport) US-AH-1Z Viper, MH/AH-6M Little bird, HH-60G Pave hawk UK-AgustaWestland apache, little bird, pave hawk Japan-Viper, Little bird, Boeing CH-47 Chinook China-CAIC Z-10, Kav-50, Harbin Z-9 Iran-Mil Mi 24, HESA Shahed 285, Chinook Russia-Mi 28 Havoc, Kamov kav-50, mil mi-38 -jets (attack, fighter) US-A10 Warthog, F35 UK-A10,Eurofighter Typhoon Japan-Mitsubishi F-2, Mitsubishi F-15J China-Nanchang Q-5, Chengdu j-20 Iran- Saegheh 2, Qaher-313 Russia-Yakovlev Yak-130, Mikoyan MiG-35 (Also add back in attack boats I loved those in BF4, i just couldn’t find a lot of specifics for them)

I wouldn’t be shocked if you guys think this would be BF4.5 but that’s probably because I love that game

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