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Battlefield 2 - My perfect battlefield

I'm gonna share my personal wishlist here for the perfect battlefield in my opinion. I'm not gonna talk about maps and gameplay/gunplay things because honestly I don't know enough about it and I'm pretty sure most of you know more about it then me anyway.

First I'll start with the campaign, I would like to have an interesting campaign even if the story was a meh, idk how the dev should do it but I have few ideas just to improve the experience. Let us customize the weapons in the campaign like what hard-line did just to get an early feel for the weapon and the attachments (for those who play the campaign before the multi-player like me). Challenges would be awesome too to unlock I'm thinking of camos or blueprints (blueprints like cod mw 2019) or even operators if that they way they are heading, I wouldn't mind playing the campaign on the hardest difficulty to unlock few operators, but back to the challenges How about adding them to the campaign like "kill three enemies in a row with headshots" five times to unlock a camo that you can only get in the campaign just fun and easy challenges for the players that enjoy the storyline of the game and also a reward for who finished it.

Now the multi-player. Again challenges. There's the 500 kill mastery dogtag but the what? How about 200 headshots that reward you with camos with each milestone, how about X amount of kills on objective area but not like bfv dumb way just in general. X amount of kills will unique attachments ( bfv sucked so I started playing cod mw 2019 alot and I like some of it ideas like the ability to make new weapons with using specific attachments, i don't see why the next battlefield can't do the same or at least giving each or most weapons one or few unique attachments just for that weapon that changes the feel of it). And so on I would love to unlock camos doing this kind of challenges and there are alot of different challenges to do kills, headshots, with attachments, no attachments at all, unique attachments, double kills. Cod always "borrowed" from battlefield and I don't see why battlefield can't do the same especially from the oldest cod games with their challenges. Attachments. I would like to see tons of attachments that changes the weapon and also to customize the whole weapon like stock, barrel, sight, grip, magazine and so on , like bf4 and again mw 2019 (I know that I've been mentioning cod alot here but there's alot that it did right and can improve the lifespan of a bf game..) there's on thing I would like to see tho, remember bf4 copy paste attachments? That are just different in the way they look but do the same exact thing? Yup I would like them back but.. I would love to see them back as variants, let me explain I always wondered why dice didn't just make them in a different category under the main attachment (I know it's for padding the game but why not make them in a category of their own?) let's say that there are five main reddots to unlock through leveling up your gun, why not add ten more as variants, like get a 100 kills using this reddots to unlock this variant, then use the new unlocked version of the reddot and get another X amount of kills to unlock the next one and so on Laser sight… Never understood why there is not a little fun challenge of Hipfire kills while using a laser sight.. Just why? Well now they can make it and as a reward you get a variant like the green laser in bf4 Same as grips and what ever attachment they will add, just make a fun and I can't say this enough FUN! little challenge and a reward in the shape of a variant The more things we can unlock (as extra and completely not required) are better


Character customization. Just add operators like.. Again… Mw 2019… (last time I'm mentioning it, I swear) Ofc with their own challenges and back stories as extra and they can add alot of them in dlc content Here's a fun idea I've been thinking about, ofc If the dev decided to add operators then they are gonna show that in a trailer and ofc they are gonna showcase the new dlc weapons too. So my idea is when showing the new characters and weapons why not connect them together Like use this character and this specific gun for them and get a reward idk a camo or an operator skin Not just that if the character is Russian then if you used soviet weapons with this character then you will get this and that as some sort of a secret challenge and it will bring the community together to figure out how to unlock these camos, why don't we take this further too make a challenge that ask some riddler or something and the answer for it is a loadout for example if you play few rounds with an m4 and m1911 you will unlock a USA character skin (I was gonna say m1 grand and m1911 but I realized that I haven't mentioned legacy weapons yet so the riddler should say something about ww2 and the reward should be a ww2 uniform). They can even take it a step further and mention in the new dlc operators biography their favorite weapons or attachments and its up for us to go read it and see what they like so we use them and ofc get a special reward for it.

I think this enough for now, I can add more later but I hope I got my points across

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