Battlefield 5

My theory on the Possible Battlefield 6 Reveal and what it’ll be about

Battlefield 5 - My theory on the Possible Battlefield 6 Reveal and what it'll be about

Let's get straight to the point. Jackfrags is causing the community on a wild goose chase from a mysterious ticking sound of a clock, with the developers joining into the mix as well, the Official Battlefield Twitter was deactivated and brought back up with a few second video of Marines giving a sitrep from Battlefield 3, leaving others to speculate what's going on. What's my take on it?

First and foremost, I don't think the next Battlefield is a Battlefield 3 Remaster. The idea of remastering one of the most iconic and beloved Battlefield games in the entire franchise is honestly a very risky thing to do on DICE's part, for one reason. It needs to meet the expectations of literally everyone of the community. The amount of pressure that would give to the people at DICE would be a lot & if, for whatever reason, DICE manages to mess up the BF3 Remaster, the backlash it would receive would be bigger than that of Battlefield V to the point where there would be no hope for the Battlefield Franchise at all. Fans are already expecting Battlefield 6 to nail it greatly, so that alone is giving more pressure to DICE (I think) and them possibly messing up BF3 Remaster would make things disastrous for the community and the Franchise as a whole. "But wait! What about that Battlefield 3 Video they posted after the Battlefield Twitter account was reactivated? Surely that means something and has something to do with a BF3 Remaster right?" Videos don't always mean everything. I get why some of you might think that, but the thing is, for all we know, they probably just posted that video as just a throwback, as a little joke, or even as a reference for Battlefield 3 for reactivating there account. Meaning that the video most likely means nothing and has nothing to do with a potential Battlefield 3 Remaster or a hint towards a Battlefield 3 Remaster and the video is probably just a thing DICE decided to do because why not. But then again, what do I know? They're probably hinting at a Battlefield 3 Remaster and I don't realize it but I'm not gonna jump to conclusions and I'm just gonna wait for an official answer from DICE themselves. So, long story short, I don't think a BF3 Remaster is happening and I think we, as a community (not all, just some), are just jumping to conclusions without thinking this through enough.


So, what do I think it is? A sequel to Battlefield 4. What will the sequel be about, that I don't know. But if I were to guess, it's a battlefield game set in the modern setting, set in the not-so-distant future (e.g. 2030s) and that it'll take place after the events of Battlefield 4, after the War of 2020, with the focus of Americans fighting Russians or the Middle Eastern Coalition or the PLR or maybe even the Chinese or someone else entirely. That's what I think it'll be about.

That's might take on Battlefield 6 and what it'll be about. I don't think it'll be about a possible Battlefield 3 Remaster, but instead a new modern battlefield game that'll be a sequel to that of Battlefield 4, much like how Battlefield 4 is a sequel to Battlefield 3. I'll admit, my theory might eventually be proven wrong and the things I said will not age well at all, but like I said, I taking the safe approach and waiting until DICE says something instead of jumping to conclusions. I want to know your thoughts. What do you think of my theory and what is your take on Battlefield 6?

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