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My Unpopular Opinion [RANT]

Battlefield 2 - My Unpopular Opinion [RANT]

I dislike Battlefield 4. I want to like this game. I've played many other Battlefield games, and I've thoroughly enjoyed each one, except for this one. I know that this post will probably get downvotes if anyone reads it, but here goes.

Vehicles. Vehicles are very powerful. I'm not going to sit here and belittle others for playing in vehicles. In BF4, I see alot more people actively trying to capture objs. as tanks or attacking an objective from above as a chopper, than in other BF games, especially BF1. It's commendable. But if I'm playing alone (which is very often), the only surefire way to destroy a tank is to run c4, and helicopters just pop smoke and fly away as soon as I start locking onto them with a stinger. Plus, some servers on PS4 still ban the use of lock-on missile launchers, making choppers nigh unkillable.

Gunplay. By far, some of the least enjoyable gunplay I've experienced. Battlefield 3 felt so tight when it came to gunplay. Everything felt good and effective. What happened in BF4? Every gun kicks like a mule, which I normally wouldn't have a problem controlling, but the suppression mechanic makes it quite unenjoyable to get into gunfights. Plus, most guns feel like peashooters, even at close range. In other BF games, I'm able to move from class-to-class, and use a multitude of weapons, but funnily enough, in the game with the highest weapon count (correct me if I'm wrong), I only like using a very select few weapons. Not because I'm being close minded. I've tried most of the weapons, maybe not extensively, but enough to get the general feel of them. Maybe it's the random bullet deviation. Maybe I'm just bad.


The Maps. BF4 also has some of my least favorite maps in the series. I'm speaking mostly base-game here. I know quite a few people who also agree that the base-game maps aren't great, so maybe this opinion isn't unpopular. Most of the maps feel too gimmicky. I enjoy Operation Locker and Dawnbreaker. Op locker has no vehicles, making it an obvious choice. I also really enjoy meat-grinder maps that set you up for really big flanks. Dawnbreaker just feels like a perfected city map. The buildings are all close enough together, so that aircraft might have difficulty maneuvering through the city, requiring the pilots to have skill to actually fly through the city and all of the interiors are really fun to fight in. I either straight-up hate the rest of the maps or don't remember their names because of how forgettable they are to me.

The Community. I've never been sent hate mail for doing bad in any game other than this one. When I first started playing about 4 years ago, my first few matches, I was bombarded with messages multiple times for not being good enough, and that Battlefield isn't meant for me. This being my first Battlefield game, I kinda turned me off from Battlefield as a whole. But, when BF1 was announced, I was actually pretty hyped, plus a ton of my friends were pre-ordering the game, so I decided to do the same. After BF1, I went back to older BF games like 3 and Bad Company 2, both of which felt awesome and incredibly fun, especially BC2. Throughout all of my time on these games, I've experienced such a small amount of hate from others. But for whatever reason, I get a massive amount of hate on BF4, even to this day. Just last week, when I decided to hop on and see if any servers were populated, my first game on, I got a hate message from a dude telling me to eff off and go play Siege, because I was giving callouts and just trying to be helpful. I don't understand it.

That should about cover it. If you read this far, or you read at all, you're super cool. Like I said, this'll probably get downvoted, but I'm ok with that. I guess my overall point is, is there anything worthwhile in this game? I could hop on any other BF right now, and have a blast and do well. I just can't seem to do the same on BF4, even though I want to.

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