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Battlefield 6 - My Vision of Battlefield 6

This is my idea of a battlefield game if I made BF6. I like my idea (obviously), and I wanted to share it. What would your idea of BF6 be, and how is it different from mine? You can provide me feedback after you read my post. I share my vision below:

-Suppression effect exists, but is purely a visual effect (doesn't effect gun stats).

-Recoil replaces spread for all guns. As recoil can be seen visually, and compensated for, unlike spread, this makes is both much easier to tell how accurate a given weapon is, and gives you some ability to compensate.

-No automatic health regeneration, only health bars. this means if you shoot someone, but don't manage to kill them, your effort wasn't for naught, as their lower health bar will help someone else on your team kill them later. Also, each person spawns with only 1 health pack (that can fully replenish your health), with no way to refill it at all (aside from dying and re-spawning). this is to prevent people from infinitely healing by getting kits from a medic or hanging out at a station that gives them kits. It would ruin the point above about health regeneration and shooting but failing to kill having a point.this also means medics also only spawn with 1 personal health pack and no longer have the ability to give out health packs anymore.

-Classes would be removed, instead supplemented with tools. This means that any person can choose any gun or sidearm they want, and customize it however they want (shotgun with 20X scope anyone?). no longer will certain guns be locked behind certain classes, as classes don't exist anymore. guns won't be tied to specific tools either, so any gun can be used alongside any tool (see next point).

-However, tools will exist, fulfilling the role of classes, and their job will be to enforce specializations, and by necessity, teamwork. I can think of three types or categories of tools that you can equip. Each soldier can only choose one tool category at a time, and only equip 1 tool in that category. Whatever tool category you equip, an icon will be shown to your teammates so hey know what role you are fulfilling for team play.

the three tool categories./roles you can equip will be 1) vehicle destroying tools such as rocket launchers or C4 and such, 2) the repair tool, allowing you to repair vehicles, and 3) the syringe, allowing you to revive any teammate. Vehicle-destroying tools will be the only way to kill vehicles, so it is an important role for a person to fulfill. The repair tool is the only way to repair vehicles, so people that use vehicles a lot would want to equip this. The syringe will be the only way to revive dead teammates, and as their is limited health packs and no auto health regeneration, the syringe will become extremely important.


-There will be no ammo-pack man because I cannot get it to work with the next point I wanted to make. All tools, guns and items have the ability to run out of ammo, except for the syringe. Even the repair tool would have a limited number of repairs. This is t prevent vehicle users from infinitely healing their tanks ans such, as vehicle destroying tools will also be limited in terms of ammo. As there is enough of a risk in revive a dead teammate in the first place, the syringe will have infinite uses.

Vehicles may or may not be able to run out of ammo (not sure). Since running out of ammo is now a very real danger, and since the ability to heal infinitely no longer exists, always having ammo is now a priority. I don't know how to make this work for other game modes, but in conquest, the ability to refill ammo for all guns and tools will be located at home base, and also at each objective/flag. You can only refill your ammo (be it for gun, repair tool, or rocket launcher) at a flag that is owned by your teammate. If said flag is neutral or owned by the enemy, you must capture it first. This means that objectives/flags serve strategic purpose now instead of just additional spawn points, as they resupply both you and the enemy team.

Now a walk through of what this would look like in-game:

You spawn as one of the three above roles – Medic (syringe), Anti-Vehicle(rockets, C4), or pro-vehicle (repair tool) – If one had the repair tool, they would probably hop in a tank or something, but lets assume you choose anti-vehicle. Yo run around and shoot people, playing your role of killing the vehicles, as they are dangerous and decimate your teammates. You take care not to get shot, as that permanently lowers your health pool (or health kit use). before long , you are running low on ammo, and run to the nearest flag to get more ammo. But alas, it was captured by the enemy team. you kill the enemy soldiers defending the flag, recapture it, and resupply yourself.

I could make it so that flags can resupply your health packs in addition to ammo, but that could make it so that people could camp at an objective and infinitely heal every time they get shot, so I took that out. I could also implement the ability for the syringe to revive any player, including enemy soldiers, just for the hell of it.

This is my idea of a Battlefield game if I made Battlefield 6. What do you think? Would it be fun? My main goal was to make it so any person could customize their soldier however they want, but to also implement a desire and necessity to work as a team in the game. Discuss below.

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