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Open letter to Dice and EA Anti-Cheat Teams from the falsely banned BFV collective

Battlefield 2 - Open letter to Dice and EA Anti-Cheat Teams from the falsely banned BFV collective

We need your help and attention,

There is a recent wave of false positive bans generated by Fairfight anti-cheat system affecting legitimate players in BFV. We have compiled more than 60 cases in less than one week since opening our Reddit threads and researching Reddit for similar threads. On top of that, there is new cases being added every day showing similar trends and statistical correlation. I’m not saying that all those 60 cases deserve to be unbanned but there is a good percentage of it.

What we are up against is Dice and EA current policy is to ignore all ban appeals requests made by people being flagged as cheaters. That’s all of us, so there is clearly a bug in the Fairfight anti-cheat system because many of us are ban errors. We can statistically prove it for certain cases even if there is a percentage of failure in any statistical or analytical data system. It can be used to show many proofs and it’s a good way to track past gaming history. Our current stance is saying that it is ethically wrong to refuse all of our cases for investigation when we knowingly know otherwise. From past Reddit posts, we can also see people unbanned for way worst statistical anomalies than our current situation. We have numbers now that shows that this problem is currently growing. Why everyone in this group is blatantly ignored by all of your corporative entities and given absolutely no chance to prove themselves otherwise?

Out of 60 people don't you think that there is a huge statistical probability that there are at least a few legitimate mistakes done and that they need to be fixed. I am the living proof including many more people that we are currently representing in our group… For instance, I have been playing Battlefield for 17 years and never been banned in any multiplayer games. Why all of sudden now? And why with absolutely no proofs or said wrongdoing or any explanations whatsoever? Prove me otherwise because I’m super confused of what I was accused of doing and I’m not alone if we are cheating we are a weird bunch because so far it’s a lot of middle aged man in their 30’s up to 60 that played battlefield for 10+ years and with no history of bans.


Our main question to Dice and EA is why don't you take us seriously and open a legitimate investigation for all of our alleged cases? After reviewing TOS 6 multiple times and reading the 3 reasons given to me that were given to all 60 other cases it doesn't make any sense to me. I did not break those rules, cheat, exploit, hack, etc.

I do believe, the Anti-Cheat Policy or Settings of Anti-Cheat program got tweaked and cranked up for the coming of Firestorm and that opened the way to wrong decision making by Fairfight anti-cheat. Now is the time to fix those errors and help the people wronged in the processes. Whether it’s error in the stats, overlay, network errors, there is many potential reasons for false positive bans.

The root of the current problem is the communication between both parties need to be established to investigate and resolve the issue. When we contact developers through unofficial channels such as Reddit, twitter, battlefield forums, discord, etc. They tell us to use the official channels of communication. Then when we use the Official EA Anti-Cheat Email Support, we get a steady flow of automatic email answers, pre-generated with a scripted answer. For example, I've got 14 of those emails answers since my original ticket made the night of the 23rd of march. Never once it was forwarded to the correct department. Not a very pleasant customer experience for someone with a legitimate ask.

All I’m asking is to please listen to us and give us the chance to prove ourselves whether it’s right or wrong. We will follow up with constructive feedback and retroaction but we except the same coming from you. We want to fix the problem and not cause any troubles. We’re all long-time fans of your franchise and want the balance reestablished between our parties for those deserving justice to be made.

Thank you


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