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OPINION: The Fliegerfaust isn’t overpowered – it’s unfinished

Battlefield 2 - OPINION: The Fliegerfaust isn't overpowered - it's unfinished

The Issue

Like many other things that have appeared in this game prematurely, the Fligerfaust has become the most recent victim. While this claim is supposition on my part, there is a vast amount of evidence to back this claim up, which I will go through.

The most blatant error appears when players
OwdYU5X - OPINION: The Fliegerfaust isn't overpowered - it's unfinished

select the weapon from the menu. The text reads:

A German prototype man-portable anti-aircraft launcher. Fires two salvos of unguided rockets

While this description seems fine (and it is, if Wikipedia is anything to trust), the key part of the phrase here is "Fires two salvos of unguided rockets." In game, the Fligerfaust does not do this.

Peering into the game's files, we can see the following things:

FireLogicType fltBurstFire <...> MagazineCapacity 3 NumberOfMagazines 4 InitialAmmo 9 <...> NumberOfBulletsPerShell 3 NumberOfBulletsPerShot 1 NumberOfBulletsPerBurst 3 

Looking at these lines of data we can conclude that the current iteration does not line up with the in-game description. Instead, it is firing one salvo of 3 "shots," each shot containing 3 rockets, for a total of 9. Because this burst is 3 shots, it uses all of its ammo and is essentially firing in a fully automatic mode. To simplify, where it should be shooting 9 rockets over the span of two bursts consisting of 9 shots, it's shooting 9 rockets over the span of one burst consisting of 3 shots. This is what is giving the Fligerfaust its currently insanely high DPS.

However to further support this claim of unfinished business, the Fligerfaust also features this:

WeaponSway Gameplay/Weapons/LMG/BREN/BREN_GunSway/4ceaaddbd4f10b4e85f8074ebadb0eb8 

This WeaponSway value is the same values that the Bren Gun, an LMG, uses. All the other current AT launchers share the same launcher gunsway file, so it would seem that either the devs distinctly wanted the Fligerfaust to have the exact gunsway values as the Bren, or, what I believe is more likely, this file was slapped on the Fligerfaust as a placeholder until it's own gunsway file was created or balancing was completed (neither of which I believe occurred).

Finally, and this is complete supposition, I believe the Fligerfaust was not supposed to be unlocked immediately upon completion, but rather at the end of the ToW week. This would allow DICE to slip in a patch next week on approximately Tuesday before Chapter 5, also stealth-fixing the Fligerfaust before it unlocked.


The Fix

What I believe was intended is the following:

FireLogicType fltBurstFire <...> MagazineCapacity 9 NumberOfMagazines 4 InitialAmmo 9 <...> NumberOfBulletsPerShell 1 NumberOfBulletsPerShot 1 NumberOfBulletsPerBurst 5 

This would give the Fligerfaust a 9 rocket "magazine," a 5-round then 4-round burst (fitting its description), much more attritioned ammo as per typical BFV gameplay, and drastically reduced burst DPS but rather weaker, more spread-out damage.

All said though, do I want the Fligerfaust to stop nuking planes? No, not really. As I've stated in a previous thread, bombers are the scourge of this game, being no fun to play against, and I love to see them getting thrashed. However an infantry gadget also shouldn't be nearly this effective, even if low-flying aircraft deserve it. If left unchanged, the Fligerfaust will force smart pilots to the flight ceiling, making them once again untouchable. Perhaps a slight increase in individual rocket damage and velocity, combined with the adjustments above will put the Fligerfaust in a more balanced, but still very effective state.

But, for all I know, this could all be intentional, and I've written this all for nothing.

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